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  1. 2022 midterms
    Louie Gohmert Joins Wild Texas Attorney General RaceThe MAGA representative will challenge Trump-endorsed Ken Paxton and George P. Bush in a race that shows the importance of state offices.
  2. birtherism
    Trump Revives Racist Birther Conspiracy for Kamala Harris“I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements,” Trump said of a vice-presidential nominee who was born in Oakland, California.
  3. racism
    No, Uncle Joe, Trump Is Hardly Our First Racist PresidentTrump may rival the most racist of presidents given the context of their times, but he hardly invented presidential racism.
  4. politics
    The Tea Party Is Alive and WellThe tea party’s ideas and attitude finds their natural expression in Trump.
  5. birtherism
    Trump Pick for Treasury Spokesperson Was a Birther, Believed Obama Was a MuslimBetween 2009 and 2015, Treasury spokeswoman Monica Crowley called birtherism “legitimate” and claimed Obama was “conforming US policy to Islam.”
  6. politics
    Trump Reportedly Wanted to Kill Arpaio Investigation Before ConvictionThe president apparently considered quashing Sheriff Joe’s criminal-contempt case months ago.
  7. Trump Pondering Pardon for Racial Profiler Joe ArpaioAs he dragged his feet on condemning racist violence this weekend, the president was thinking fondly of the nativist demagogue Joe Arpaio.
  8. Trump Nominee Was an Obama BirtherSam Clovis, nominee for the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist, has a history of troubling statements.
  9. RNC Makes Kayleigh McEnany Its National SpokespersonMcEnany once mocked Barack Obama for having a brother who lives “in a hut in Kenya,” and expressed support for the birther movement.
  10. Ejected by Voters, ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Could Wind Up in PrisonIt’s been a long way down for Joe Arpaio since he lost reelection last year. And now he’s been convicted of contempt of court, and could be jailed.
  11. Obama Welcomes His Successor to the White HouseThe first black president begins transferring power to the leader of the “birther” movement. And Trump begins his assault on press freedom.
  12. Trump Confirms That He Changed His Stance on Birtherism for Political AdvantageAt the debate, Trump said he changed his mind about birtherism when he realized that black voters “really wanted me to come to that conclusion.”
  13. Trump: I Only Said Obama Was Born Here So I Could ‘Get on With the Campaign’Asked what changed his mind about Obama’s birthplace, Trump says he just wanted “to get on with the campaign.”
  14. Trump Uses Racist Conspiracy Theory to Promote Himself, One Last TimeThe GOP nominee tricked the media into broadcasting an infomercial for his campaign and hotels by promising to reveal where he thinks Obama was born.
  15. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Splits With Trump, Disavows BirtherismThe campaign released a (false) statement after the candidate refused to admit Obama was born in the United States.
  16. today in donald trump
    In Giuliani’s Alternate Reality, Trump Disavowed Birtherism Two Years AgoHe says Trump accepted Obama’s legitimacy two to five years ago, though there is no record of this.
  17. Mike Pence Goes Rogue, Says Obama Was Born in AmericaIn a break with the GOP nominee, Pence says that Barack Obama does have a legitimate claim to the American presidency.