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  1. Miami Bitcoin Conference No Longer Accepting Bitcoin PaymentThe cryptocurrency is too much of a pain.
  2. Bitcoin Is Plunging! Bitcoin Is Plunging!Nobody could have possibly seen this coming, except almost every expert.
  3. Floundering Beverage Company Pivots to Blockchain and Its Stock Price QuintuplesTrue stories from inside the Bitcoin bubble.
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    Police Raid Home of Reported Bitcoin CreatorAustralian police said their “presence at [his] property is not associated with the media reporting overnight about bitcoins.”
  5. You’ll Soon Be Able to Call Mt. Gox About Your Bitcoin WoesAn estimated $500 million-worth are missing.
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    Silk Road’s Shutdown Will Be Great for BitcoinIf it cleanses the currency’s reputation, that’s a good thing.
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    Bitcoin Sees the Grim ReaperMt. Gox trapping customers’ money could be the last straw for the virtual currency.
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    Inside the Bitcoin Bubble: A Q&A With BitInstant’s Stressed-Out CEO“I haven’t gotten any sleep.”
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    Are Bitcoins Too Popular for Their Own Good?Or is crypto-currency the wave of the future?