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    Bitcoin’s Big, Dumb WeekBitcoin is worth a lot, or maybe it’s worth nothing.
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    Burger King’s Whoppercoin Is the Only Cryptocurrency That MattersMove over Ethereum, there’s a new crypto-sheriff in town.
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    City Employee Fined $611 for Using Work Computer to Mine BitcoinsHis punishment was to forfeit four days of vacation time.
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    Ethereum Is the Hottest New Currency (and Also Maybe the Future of the Internet)Why Ethereum is (potentially) bigger than bitcoin.
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    How Much Is One Bitcoin Worth These Days?Approximately 22 “Make America Great Again” hats.
  6. Craig Wright: Uh, Actually, I Won’t Prove That I’m Satoshi NakamotoBye, Craig!
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    Craig Wright’s Proof He Invented Bitcoin Is Basically a ‘Canadian Girlfriend’In the day since Craig Wright’s announcement that he is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, his “proof” has been unraveling online.
  8. Is This Rainbow-Wigged Clown the True Creator of Bitcoin?The plot thickens.
  9. Investigations: This Guy Is Bitcoin’s InventorThe plot thickens.
  10. Introducing the Bitcoin LobbyThe digital crypto-currency is going on a regulatory charm offensive.
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    The Bitcoin Boy: 16-Year-Old Erik Finman Is in His Silicon Valley PrimeDemand for tech prodigies is at an all-time high. So is the supply.
  12. burn notice
    I Spent an Afternoon at Burning Man’s Camp DogecoinWhat can a grammatically challenged Shiba Inu puppy teach us about radical freedom?
  13. where in the world is satoshi nakamoto
    Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Tells Bitcoin Community, ‘I Want to Hug You’But he still denies he created the currency.
  14. the bitcoin bubble
    Alleged Bitcoin Creator Says He Can’t Even Afford Internet AccessSatoshi Nakamoto lawyers up.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    Tina Brown Shades Newsweek on Bitcoin MessIn the face of controversy, the magazine is playing defense.
  16. the bitcoin bubble
    After Newsweek Reveal, Man Insists He Isn’t Bitcoin’s CreatorHe’s never heard of “Bitcom,” or is pretty good at pretending.
  17. the bitcoin bubble
    The Doomsday Cult of BitcoinHow a crypto-currency became a millenarian religion.
  18. You’ll Soon Be Able to Call Mt. Gox About Your Bitcoin WoesAn estimated $500 million-worth are missing.
  19. virtual currencies
    Will Kanye West Endorse a Virtual Currency If It Is Named After Him? The creators of CoinYe hope so.
  20. virtual currencies
    I Used the World’s First Bitcoin ATMIs it weird that I had to undergo a biometric scan?
  21. the bitcoin economy
    The Winklevoss Twins Are Starting a Bitcoin FundIf that’s your kind of thing.
  22. bitcoin mania
    Bitcoin Sees the Grim ReaperMt. Gox trapping customers’ money could be the last straw for the virtual currency.
  23. money laundering
    Money-Laundering Network’s Demise Is Bad News for BitcoinLiberty Reserve’s big bust means the feds are taking anonymous money-moving out of the shadows.
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    I Spent a Coin (and I Liked It) — How I Bought Lunch With Bitcoins“Yes, of course we accept bitcoins.”