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Black Friday

  1. frontlines
    Covid Is Surging, But There’s No More Hazard Pay for Retail WorkersEmployees say they’re practically being forced to risk their lives by working during a busy and dangerous holiday season.
  2. the top line
    Prime Day Highlights Why October Is the New NovemberThis year, with consumers bored at home and retailers wanting to spread out the shopping crowds, Black Friday has crept forward.
  3. buyer’s market
    Black Friday Isn’t Just a Day. It’s a State of Mind.Black Friday is increasingly just an umbrella term for any kind of shopping in late autumn that entails some semblance of getting a deal.
  4. select all
    The 19 Best Black Friday Gadget Deals on AmazonFrom TVs to laptops, here are the best tech and gadget deals Amazon has to offer this Black Friday.
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    All the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tech DealsA comprehensive (and ever-updating) list of all the best bargains you don’t even need to put on pants for.
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    The 11 Best Black Friday Tech DealsFrom absurdly cheap thumb drives to deep price cuts on the best TV on the market, some choice bargains that you don’t even have to put on pants for.
  7. America Celebrated Black Friday by Stockpiling a Record Number of GunsThe FBI processed a record number of background checks for firearms purchases on Black Friday.
  8. Walmart’s Black Friday SpiesSave money. Sneak better.
  9. Why Black Friday Is DyingAnd good riddance to it. 
  10. wack friday
    Retailers Are Winning the War on ThanksgivingThough holiday weekend sales were down.
  11. wack friday
    Black Friday Is Morphing Into Black WeekendResistance is futile.
  12. wack friday
    Black Friday Came Early This YearDrop the turkey, get to shopping.
  13. Black Friday: A History of ViolenceThe one day Americans come together to trample each other for sale items.
  14. business
    Americans Spend $11.4 Billion in Biggest Shopping Day EverIt’s a new record.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    All the Insanity From This Year’s Black Friday ShoppingLow-lights include incidents involving pepper spray, tasers, and good old-fashioned fisticuffs.
  16. in other news
    Macy’s Hosts Your Holiday After-partyMacy’s announced this week that they are going to keep eight of their locations, including the Herald Square flagship store, open at all hours of the day and night from December 21 to Christmas Eve. From the Staten Island Advance: Shoppers will be greeted with the ongoing sales Macy’s has been holding since Black Friday, said spokeswoman Elina Kazan. “The most important thing about being open 24 hours is that it makes shopping convenient to people with different schedules,” she said. “This gives everyone a little extra time.” Company officials have been planning the shopping marathon for months to ensure there is enough manpower and merchandise. Everyone is saying this is so nice of Macy’s to open the store so everyone, no matter what their time constraints, has a chance to shop. Now, once all the crowds have gone for the day, customers will be able to wade through the dunes of scattered merchandise in peace. What a great Christmas present. And just think of all the homeless people who will have a nice bed of jumbled merino V-neck sweaters! At Macy’s, A Shopping Marathon [SI Advance]