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  1. capitol hill
    Senate Staffers Were Still Using BlackberriesIt’s probably a good time to shut down their MySpace pages, too.
  2. coincidence?
    President Obama Is One of Two Americans Still Using a BlackBerryThe other person is perhaps equally important.
  3. technology
    Government Employees Will Be Forced to Use BlackBerrys ForeverIt’ll seem that way, at least.
  4. arianna!
    Arianna Huffington Busted for Using BlackBerry on Plane, Laughs It OffOther passengers, however, were not as amused.
  5. technology
    UAE Places Ban on BlackBerry UseSaudi Arabia may be next.
  6. textual relations
    Senate to Weigh Ban on Texting While DrivingThis seems like a pretty good idea.
  7. oh albany!
    Wireless Store Betting on New Yorkers’ Political AwarenessWhat does Malcolm X have to do with BlackBerrys?
  8. oh albany!
    Malcolm Smith Probably Wishes He Had Put the BlackBerry DownHow bad manners brought down the Senate Democrats.
  9. party lines
    Oprah Wrote, Then Lost, Her Michelle Obama ‘Time 100’ Essay on Her BlackBerryLuckily, Stedman was there to keep her together.
  10. inaugur-nation!
    John Podesta Has a Brief Message About the Future of DemocracyIt involves BlackBerries. Bear with him.
  11. election hangover
    Are Obama’s Personal Tastes — Gasp — Not Highbrow?He has a zune, he reads ‘USA Today,’ he has an old-school BlackBerry. What next, he watches TV shows in real time?
  12. early and often
    Holy Hell, McCain Adviser Claims Luddite GOP Nominee Helped Invent the BlackBerrySince that’s too absurd to even comprehend, there must be something else going on here. We think we know what it is!
  13. early and often
    Noonan, Scarborough, Carlson Get Intense at HuffPo PanelIn Minneapolis, the talking heads bared their souls on the matter of BlackBerrys, Internet commenters, and whether or not you’re REALLY in the moment.