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    BlackBerry’s Global Market Share Is Now 0.0 PercentThe CrackBerry is dead. Real dead.
  2. BlackBerry Kills Its Classic Model, Which It Was Still Making, by the WayAnother icon of early mobile computing bites the dust.
  3. wackberry
    BlackBerry CEO Is Relieved of World’s Worst JobHeins is out, $1 billion of convertible debt is in, and a last-minute mercy sale is off.
  4. blackburied
    BlackBerry Fans Are Pretty Mad About the Company’s $4.7 Billion Buyout OfferThe mercy killing of BlackBerry isn’t sitting well with its diehards.
  5. the crackberry revival
    A Eulogy for My Dead BlackBerry 10 Demo, Which Lived for Four Days1/30/2013–2/3/2013.
  6. the crackberry revival
    BlackBerry’s Last Stand: Live at a Smartphone RevivalA new smartphone, Alicia Keys, and a company in decline.
  7. annals of obsolescence
    How the BlackBerry Died: The Five Mistakes That Killed a Once-Great DeviceRest in peace, sweet smartphone.
  8. cuomolot
    Andrew Cuomo Insists His BBM-ing Isn’t ShadyThe governor’s administration scoffs at suggestions that they’re too secretive.
  9. BlackBerry Loses Its Base: Hill StaffersHas Obama’s favorite gadget reached its twilight year?
  10. business
    BlackBerry Maker Co-CEOs Step DownApple and Google have put a squeeze on the company.
  11. the future is coming
    Dell Releases Plan to Throw Away 25,000 BlackBerrysIt wants employees to use its own, new brand of smartphone.
  12. sexy tech
    Irrefutable Evidence That an iPhone Will Get You LaidThe average number of sexual partners for 30-year-olds according to their smartphone brand.