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  1. blind items
    Which ‘White Shoe’ Lawyers Are Experiencing Itching and Burning in Their Briefs?Blind item!
  2. Blind Item: Which Goldman Sachs VP Is About to Be Thoroughly Humiliated by His Colleagues?Look out, Maserati-owning “34 year old Asian American VP at Goldman Sachs.”
  3. office humor
    No One at the Office Appreciates Man’s Musical Talents, Joie de VivreDid he reveal too much, or just to the wrong crowd?
  4. sorkinfreude
    Bankers at Davos: F**k the Volcker Rule“They can go ahead and impose the rule on Friday, and I can assure you that by Monday, we’ll find a way around it.”
  5. blind items
    Presented Without CommentAn accident? Or another example of the subtle genius of the New York ‘Post’?
  6. puppies!!!!!!
    What Famous TV Couple Had Bedbugs?The ‘Times’ has a blind item for us!