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    James Wolcott Does Not Have a Small Bladder, He InsistsYesterday we learned Times movie critic A.O. Scott doesn’t watch the Oscars; in the same long weekend, it turns out, we also learned that Vanity Fair’s resident cultural curmudgeon, James Wolcott, can’t sit through a two-hour play. From his VF.com blog: More and more, I see shows described as “intermissionless,” and I hear the rattle of leg irons. It isn’t that I’m incapable of “holding it in.” It isn’t that I’m likely to pull a Costanza and trample any senior blocking the aisle to make a beeline to the bathroom while the cast takes its bow. It’s that I don’t like feeling trapped, stuck for the duration … Moreover, intermissions are so civilized. You retire to the lobby, order an overpriced drink, compare notes and discreetly eavesdrop, step outside to take the air, or, if the first act was dire, flee. (“I count it as one of the great moments of my life when I first realized one could actually walk out of a theatre. I don’t mean offensively — but go to the bar at the interval and not come back. I first did it at Oxford: I was watching …”) Oh, sorry. Drifted off there. But don’t worry: There’s lots more. We can’t wait for it. Really. We’ll just nip out to the lobby first for a second, and — Exit Ramp Closed [James Wolcott’s Blog/VF.com]
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    Use the N/R, Luke, Use the N/RSometimes feel like you’re battling intergalactic evil as you rush through the Union Square subway station? Seems there’s a good reason for it: The I-Beams in the station exactly mimic the first stage of the Death Star level in the old Star Wars arcade game. This dorky observation is made cinematic at the blog Ironic Sans (to which the Morning News pointed us yesterday). There’s a short film to demonstrate, complete with accompanying computer graphics. Interestingly, Leia’s gold bikini seems to have been replaced by a very attractive garbage can. I See the Death Star [Ironic Sans via The Morning News]
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    Saying Anything About ‘Say Everything’How do you get people who spend all day talking about themselves to talk about you instead? You talk about them. “Say Everything,” Emily Nussbaum’s cover story for last week’s New York, explored the ways the brave new Webby world changes the ways kids share information — and creates a nearly unprecedented generation gap. And, of course, the blogs have been responding. Some of our favorites: • Slob: “Wow — so the Internet generation has collectively huge balls.” • Leesean.net: “One of the girls they profile was born in 1989 — that makes me feel old. But I totally identify with them. I’m a total Net Narcissist Exhibitionist Extraordinaire.” • Bout Manje…: “The idea that this is essentially a *generation* gap is a bit overplayed. It is a magazine article, after all, and therefore sensationalized.”
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    Atoosa Watch: Still Unstable, Updating Blog FrequentlyWe know, we know: We care way too much about the latest updates to former Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubinstein’s MySpace blog. (You know, that launching pad for her TK-soon domination of the Internet.) But the thing is, there’s just such good stuff there each time we check. Last week, there was the announcement of Atoosa.com. And then when we looked this morning, there was this: I lived my whole life just trying to be the perfect girl my mother wanted me to be: I never let on when I was struggling. I realize now that’s why I became a cutter — I’d gone through a very serious trauma but kept it completely to myself instead of imposing it on my parents — so instead I used the razor to do my crying for me. Two reactions. First: Wow, Atoosa was a cutter. Second: Are weeping rainbows supposed to make us think she’s cured? The Dangers of Protecting Your Parents TOO Much [Atoosa’s MySpace]
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    Not Everybody Loves GraydonThe most amusing review of Graydon Carter’s Waverly Inn we’ve yet read (and perhaps the most honest one), photographed in the window of the Old Town Bar on East 18th Street and offered today by our old friends at Gawker: Old Town Bar at War With Waverly Inn [Gawker]
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    Valentine’s Day Countdown: Step Away From the RosesIt’s nearly Valentine’s Day; do you know where the love of your life is? Neither do we. But here’s the guidance we learned this week from New York’s intrepid band of dating bloggers. • Threesomes are interesting; lasagne is not. Somewhere in Brooklyn, there is a boy who doesn’t want to hear about what his friends had for lunch again, ever. Even if eventually the conversation moves on to the fact they’re dating bisexuals. [Forksplit] • Subway rides are, ipso facto, unromantic. If you’re going to try to experience sexual fantasies on the subway in this weather, of course you’re just going to feel like a “huge winter muffin in my 5 degree weather outfit”! But the muffin thing’s a start. [Virginist]
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    ‘New Yorker’ Critic Seeks Blogger Cred, Has Pussy GaloreWe’re as always glad to see highfalutin writers embracing the blog polloi — especially New Yorker classical-music critic Alex Ross, whose thoughtful blog has always been a winning accompaniment to his pieces in the magazine. One does start to wonder, though, if even such august figures can start to take the bloggy stereotypes a bit too seriously: One presumes he was wearing pajamas when he wrote this. On the Road [The Rest Is Noise]
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    Baby, It’s Cold Outside But that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous, as this pic posted to Gothamist late yesterday reminds us. Extra, Extra [Gothamist]
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    And How Much Do You Have to Tip That Delivery Guy? From Curbed: Big couch, small window, Williamsburg. We giggled. CurbedWire: Big Couch in a Small Window [Curbed]
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    The Making of a Trend Piece: An Entirely Speculative Reconstruction of an ‘Observer’ Story MeetingJared Kushner, rich-kid publisher: So I hear blogs are big! Let’s do a story on that. Peter Kaplan, grizzled editor: [Indiscriminant grumbling.] Kushner: Or about bloggers! Everybody wants to know about bloggers. Kaplan: [Sighs.] Let’s see, how about — Scocca, why don’t you profile the Gawker King, Nick Denton? Tom Scocca, quasi-expat erstwhile media editor: I already did. Kaplan: Right. Calderone! Why don’t you write about how blogs are changing old media?
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    Top Gawker Editor Canned, Replaced With Gawker VetGawker Media, Nick Denton’s swaggering blog network, yesterday fired Chris Mohney, the managing editor of its flagship site, Gawker, and will replace him with Choire Sicha, the New York Observer writer and editor who was the solo editor of Gawker in 2003 and 2004. Mohney became Gawker’s first managing editor just over six months ago; in that capacity he was responsible for writing several of its posts each day and overseeing the site’s two — now three — other editors. (This seems a good point to mention that the position was created and Mohney appointed to it at the same time Gawker Media fired Jesse Oxfeld, who now edits Daily Intel.) In Mohney’s six months helming Gawker, the site’s traffic, which had doubled in the prior year, remained stagnant, which could not have pleased Denton. Sicha, for his part, has long been rumored to be unhappy at the Observer, where he has edited its “Transom” column and, recently, covered Hillary Clinton. We’ll now get our head out of our ass and stop writing about blog minutia.
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    Nerve Kids’ Site Encourages Dads to Bend Over and Enjoy ItExciting news for gruppy parents today on Nerve-offshoot baby-site Babble.com. The site’s Stroller Derby blog has word of a new product called the Daddle, a saddlelike contraption that allows Pops, once he straps it on, to get down on all fours and have Junior ride him like, well, a horse. Only Nerve, of course, would find the one children’s product that is impossible to describe without sounding absolutely filthy. There’s no word on whether riding crop and backless chaps are included. Or whether it can be used for, uh, off-label purposes. The Daddle? Now I’ve Seen Everything [Stroller Derby/Babble] The Daddle [Official site]
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    Harold Dieterle, ‘Top Chef’ Winner and Health-Code ViolatorBravo’s America’s Next Top Model-in-the-kitchen hit Top Chef returned from its three-week hiatus last night. To the immense pleasure of obsessive fans (not, um, anyone we know, of course), that meant last year’s winner, Harold Dieterle, who’s currently gearing up to open the restaurant Perilla in the West Village, returned to blogging about it. We like the guy, but his thoughts on the hazing of a current contestant in the new episode made us reconsider whether we really want to dine at his eatery. It really amazes me the amount of hatred directed at Marcel…. I mean, you’re around these people all the time, and look, there were times when there were people that I didn’t want to be around, but my decision was to go and lock myself in the bathroom. That was my quiet time. That’s how he got through the show? By hanging out in the bathroom? Let’s hope he remembers employees must wash hands before returning to work. CORRECTION, Jan. 4: An earlier version of this item suggested Top Chef was still on hiatus. Harold’s Blog [BravoTV.com ]
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    Love for New York Is All Around, No Need to Waste ItWe know why we love New York. And for two and a half weeks now, you’ve known why we love New York. (Some of you, of course, would prefer we keep those feelings to ourselves.) But we haven’t yet ascertained why you love New York. Until now. Inspired by our annual “Reasons to Love New York” issue, some bloggers have started explaining why they’re so damned fond of this city. Here are a few of our favorites. Got more? Send ‘em in. • The Last Debate: “Central Park in the snow. I love the path along the south side of The Pond, with its lazy sunbathing turtles.” • The Punk Guy: “The reason they left off: New Yorkers are obsessed with being New Yorkers.” • Jewcy: “Because even the most obnoxious, shallow, empty-headed dickwads around here are at least pretty intelligent.” Reasons to Love New York Right Now [NYM]
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    On the Ninth Day of Christmas… Courtesy of Curbed, perhaps the iconic New York post-holiday image. It’s Official: The Holidays Are So Over [Curbed]
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    Studio 4 Say this for the print media: As young people abandon newspapers for the Web, newspapers remain obsessively committed to chronicling what’s going on in their rival medium to draw those kids away. Today’s Wall Street Journal, for example, frets that as the Walt Disney Co. unveils its new Website today, “users will be more or less trapped in Disney’s online world, unable to import non-Disney music or video clips to fill out their online profiles,” while the Times is worried about where young thrill-seekers can go for edgy content now that YouTube and MySpace are cracking down. What’s next? Wi-fi’d Bugaboos? Moderated baby talk? Oh, it’s worse: Babble, Nerve’s baby site, offers a YouTube glimpse of our nation’s future (and perhaps even more frighteningly, a glimpse at what happens when a girl who couldn’t get dates in high school is sent to cover such stories). At least the teething crowd won’t have to fight for its right to party. Baby Loves Disco [Babble]
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    An Analogy Is a Terrible Thing to WasteCBS’s do-gooding PublicEye media-issues blog yesterday examined how the press addresses race: CBS News National Correspondent Byron Pitts says he is “clear and comfortable with the notion that many people, when they see me, they will see my race first.” Still, the media’s treatment of race can get to him. “When Ed Bradley died, I was struck how in many of the national articles written about him, in the first sentence was the fact that he was an African-American man. I was stunned by that. When Peter Jennings died, nobody said one of the premiere white journalists, or one of the premiere Canadian journalists. They didn’t point out in the first sentence that he didn’t finish college. No one said that.” Because for Pitts, while noting someone’s race is problematic, equating being black with being uneducated is just fine. When the Topic Is Race, Media Turns Uneasy Lens on Itself [PublicEye]
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    You’re the ‘Time’ Person of the Year, and Joel Stein Has Penis Envy Oh, happy day. After weeks — nay, months — of buildup, Time’s Person of the Year issue is here. And if that’s not exciting enough on its own, it gets so much better: We’re the Person of the Year! (And so are you! And you! And even you, little Timmy!) Yep, that’s right: This year’s Person of the year is “You” — which is to say, the blogger, Flickr’r, YouTube uploader, Wiki contributor, and hive-minderer who the flagship title of a massive media company has now decided actually holds the keys to the Information Age. Naturally, then, Joel Stein takes a spin through multiplayer virtual world Second Life to find out what the hell You’re up to — which, this being Joel Stein reporting, is sex: I spent the next 4 1/2 hours with Cristal as she took me to a waterfall, a snowy Christmas scene, a shipwreck and a sex club. At some point, she offered me a free penis. Much as I didn’t want to take it, it’s damned hard to tell even a fake woman that you don’t want the free penis she’s giving you. The Freudian reading of this is unavoidable, that castrated Old Media is strapping one on just to stay in the nubile Web 2.0 game. It’s also terrifying. Because if print media’s wandering off to have sex online while leaving bloggers to handle the real reporting, we foresee much less coverage of Baghdad and much more of the Lower East Side. My So-Called Second Life [Time]
  19. photo op
    There’s Always Room for Half-Naked Wrestling The well-intentioned folks at Gothamist today introduced us to the new hipster pastime of Amateur Female Jello Wrestling, which we’d presume is far more enjoyed by its spectators than by its participants. Indeed, there are apparently photos of events all over the Internet. (This one is from Kaitlyn Tikkun’s Flickr.) We’re telling you about it because we figured you’d like to know. Or at least half of you would. Silly Trend Watch: Amateur Jello Wrestling [Gothamist]
  20. cultural capital
    Magical CD-R Warps Indie Rockers’, Bloggers’ MindsThe flow of cultural history has accelerated into a — what? — a fire-hose spray. Williamsburg indie rock has its own relics now; the discovery of one such sacred object — an early demo by that grizzled vet Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs — is prompting some primo psychodrama in blogland, as recounted today on Stereogum. As the tale begins, a seventeen-track CD-R was found in the old apartment of TV on the Radio guitarist Dave Sitek and, naturally, posted on MySpace, from whence it spread like E. coli through a gordita. The band expressed horror, with Karen herself e-mailing the leaker with a curt “What the fuck were you thinking?” The penitent finder-keeper then e-mailed the mp3 blog Stereogum, ceremonially donning the hairshirt: “I feel like a total dick.” (The level of discourse in this whole flap, we must say, leaves much to be desired.) Finally, the rightful owner of the CD itself — Dave Sitek — posted an unbelievably florid message to the leaker on the TV on the Radio site, reading, in part: thank you. i am due to learn a new kind of forgiveness. a kind that all of of humanity will need to learn as we betray eachother , hurt eachother, steal from eachother to fill the “content void” that has become the worldwide networks, our worldwide lives. Within hours, Sitek himself turned penitent and updated the site with an apology (“I freaked out”). Apparently everything is a Zen lesson in Sitek-land, however: “By flipping out I connected with something I had lost … how much of an ass I can be.” Sounds like everyone’s a winner. The Story Behind the Karen O Demo [Stereogum]
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    And Just Wait for the Atlantic Yards Expansion Pack You can have your Google Earth. The proprietor of a blog called New York City Journals has undertaken the Sisyphean task of re-creating the five boroughs within the universe of SimCity. Whether you like the venerable computer game or not, the project is oddly entrancing; it’s worth a scroll down the page to watch NYCJ painstakingly mock up brownstones, train yards, the finer points of the Randall’s Island landscape, and seasonal phenomena like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (above) and a Thanksgiving traffic jam. Rendered in awesome detail — there are four kinds of phone-booth props — the architecture still retains certain game-piece cuteness that makes even the grime look pretty. And it looks like, in NYCJ’s SimManhattan, the Freedom Tower has been constructed. So much for verisimilitude. New York City in SimCity [New York City Journals via A Brooklyn Life via Curbed]
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    Babes in NervelandWhen we heard Nerve, the ur-intellectual sex site, was launching a baby site, Babble, we were dismayed. Of course, according to a film we viewed in sixth grade, offspring is one of the natural outgrowths of coitus, and, judging by our friends’ children, Babyville, like sexville, seems to involve a lot of rough stripping and plastic accessories. Still — unlike sex — having children is a personal act. We understand people do it, but we don’t need to hear about it or anything. We thought our fears were confirmed when we saw today’s yawn-inducing headline on one of Babble’s blogs, Stroller Derby: “Kids Are Never Too Sick for a Double-Cheeseburger.” Then we read it: A friend of mine is a gastroenterologist. Whenever I ask him to tell me horror stories from his job, I hear one of two things: 1. He pulled a 12-inch black dildo out of some dude’s ass (and the dudes invariably say they slipped in the shower and “fell on” the dildo). Whoa. Pass the nipple! Kids Are Never Too Sick for a Double Cheeseburger [Babble/Stroller Derby]
  23. photo op
    Hark! The Herald Angels Burn Energy! Amazingly enough, there really is some religious devotion to be found in this godless city. And how is it displayed? With enormous, expensive lighting displays, naturally. The good people at Gowanus Lounge took a trip over the weekend to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, which is apparently the extravagant-Christmas-lights capital of New York City. This picture’s our favorite, mostly for the rows of herald angels flanking the entryway, which provide a nice counterpoint to the usual excessive rows of lights and signs. But there’s lots more what that came from. And, hey, Merry December 11! Dyker Heights Lights! The Photos [Gowanus Lounge]
  24. cultural capital
    Malcolm Gladwell, 4-Year-Old Sheriff So we happened past New Yorker scribe Malcolm Gladwell’s blog today — don’t ask; we have no good excuse — and we were struck by what we found there. It seems Gladwell is in a big ol’ blog fight with professional conservative Steve Sailer, and the argument has driven the extravagantly coiffed author — heretofore known for his incisive journalism, his best-sellers, and, well, his exuberant coif — to adopt another claim to fame. Perhaps, from now on, he will be known as the Internet sheriff who saddled up on his blog and roped one errant hive-mind contributor like a straggling baby calf: Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered that Steve Sailer doesn’t allow readers to comment on his posts. Can you believe that? Here we have the aggrieved Steve Sailer, donning the cloak of victim as he decries my attempt at censorship. Here we have the allies of Steve Sailer, speaking out on behalf of the virutes [sic] of the free exchange of ideas, the importance of confronting one’s critics, the necessity of fighting the good fight in arena of free speech. And all the while their leader is cowering behind the gates of a comment-free blog. Oh my. Is it possible that in addition to everything else, Steve Sailer is also a chicken? See? That’s what’s so revolutionary about the Internet: It can turn a dude with a camera phone into a photojournalist, some dorky grad students into billionaires, and, it now seems, Malcolm Gladwell into a 4-year-old. Imagine My Surprise … [Gladwell.com]
  25. gossipmonger
    Donald and Graydon: Hair Fight!“Without Si Newhouse,” Spy punching bag Donald Trump says, “Graydon Carter would be just another overweight editor with bad hair.” Eliot Spitzer will likely choose one of four people to replace embattled State Comptroller Alan Hevesi: a Latino, a woman, a banker, or a guy who donated a kidney to his daughter. Both Britney Spears’s family and the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services are disturbed by her recent pantyless partying. Did Augusten Burroughs pull a James Frey? The crazy family depicted in Running With Scissors says so. John Mayer made a script suggestion to Kiefer Sutherland regarding 24. Sex blogger Jessica Cutler pulls out of a panel on blogger book deals because she is currently being sued. Pam Anderson and Kid Rock are hosting rival New Year’s Eve parties in Las Vegas. NBC honcho Jeff Zucker and the L.A. Times disagree on whether he’s about to promote someone. A model confused Charles Barkley with Gnarls Barkley. Wyclef Jean visited Haiti again, wants to open a resort there. Terrence Howard is one of the few black guys who support Michael Richards. East Hampton hotspot Star Room is on sale for $4.25 million. “Page Six” was name-checked on Law & Order. Da-dum. Liza Minnelli recently attended a perverted rock musical. Liz Smith really likes Dreamgirls. Cindy Adams really likes Barack Obama.
  26. gossipmonger
    You Will Not Get to See Britney and K-Fed Have Sex. And You Are Thankful.Breaking: There is no Fed-Ex–Britney sex tape! (At least not for public consumption.) Josh Hartnett is in New Zealand, no longer with Scarlett Johansson. Barbara Bush (the young one) was robbed in Argentina. Heather Mills didn’t much enjoy her marriage to Paul McCartney. Taye Diggs and Ashlee Simpson are “just friends.” Some people are mad about former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill’s new book. NBC has better morning-show and evening-news ratings than ABC, and don’t think the Rock Center folks let the Disney kids forget it. MSNBC correspondent David Shuster eats his blog, literally. Paris Hilton went on a charity date with the highest bidder (she also may or may not have thrown up on stage in Las Vegas). Debutante season is here! Wall Street bonus season is here! Liz Smith compares Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to David Gest and Liza Minnelli. Cindy Adams has a breakdown of what different stars will be doing on Thanksgiving. (Matt Dillon, believe it or not, will be eating.)
  27. the morning line
    Attacks, Affairs, and VFW Fundraisers • A Westchester married couple who live on the Clintons’ cul-de-sac were ambushed and shot on their way to their Chappaqua home Saturday night. Both remain in the hospital. Suspects abound; the husband, Carlos Perez-Olivo, is a high-profile lawyer recently disbarred amid accusations of incompetence. [amNY] • The Post breaks out the dollar sign for “McLaughlin’s ‘Lavi$hed’ Lady,” about a spa operator whom married assemblyman and labor leader Brian McLaughlin reportedly romanced. Add this to the already epic list of his malfeasances, which, we’ll never tire of reminding you, included stealing from the Little League. [NYP] • In a Coen brothers movie come to life, four masked gunmen held up a poker fund-raiser at a VFW hall in Franklin Square, Long Island, and took the game’s pot. The robbers also helped themselves to the guests’ wallets and cell phones. They’d even, evidently, cased the joint before. [WNBC] • In media-on-media news, we’ll note the Daily News’ Stanley Crouch telling young black men to grow up. Filming a “popular program for black youths,” the columnist found himself “surrounded by black men, ages 18 to 35, and I was appalled. As a father with a daughter nearly 30 years old who has never been close to marrying anyone, I was once more struck by what my offspring describes as ‘a lack of suitable men.’” [NYDN] • And in a bit of media-on-media-on-media news, TVNewser comes in for its big New York Times close-up, executed along the usual narrative lines of “OMG kid with blog” and “Isn’t this what the Web was invented for.” To its credit, the Times also gets a great quote from the game Brian Williams, who compares the blogger to The King of Comedy’s Rupert Pupkin. [NYT]
  28. intel
    Is Emily Gould the New Gawker Editor?We’re told by several in-the-know-sources that the new editor of Gawker — replacing Jessica Coen, who recently left for the prestige and glamour and company-supplied dental insurance of Vanity Fair — will be Emily Gould. (We IMed Gawker Media managing editor Lockhart Steele for comment. “[Lockhart] is idle at 12:17:01 PM,” he said.) We know virtually nothing about Miss Gould, except that she runs a blog called Emily Magazine and that said blog currently features on its homepage a nearly naked picture of Paul Rudd. We think we like her. Update: Turns out we know a little more about Miss Gould than we originally thought. She has written several bar and restaurant reviews for this Website, including these on Fontana’s and East River Bar.
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    The Trials and Tribulations of Luxury-Condo RentingThe Website for CASA, a rental building on 21st Street in Chelsea, presents it as “a new concept fusing the lavish and the leisure,” which apparently means a “spa-inspired European marble bath,” along with the stainless-steel appliances and custom closets. What it doesn’t include — even at $6,000 per month for a two-bedroom, reportedly — is the right to actually live in the building. See, as Curbed reported this morning, the building has Certificates of Occupancy from 1935 and 1972 — the latter from when it was a parking lot — but nothing saying the site was fit for human habitation. A little more digging by Curbed readers, meanwhile, revealed that the Department of Buildings Website shows 36 outstanding items and five objections that must be addressed before a C of O can be granted. That’s on top of the complaint that the building itself is illegal because, oops, there’s no C of O. How’d Curbed learn about this? An angry broker — whose client had a lease for October 1 but hasn’t been able to move in — e-mailed the site. And you thought broker’s fees were worthless: It’s not like just anybody can e-mail some blog. Oh, wait. Just Looking for a CASA to call home [Curbed]
  30. intel
    Fashion Blog Steams Up Saks Windows The mainstreaming of blogging isn’t exactly news anymore — just look at, well, this Website — but still, the Saks Fifth Avenue windows that debuted today must mark some kind of milestone. Several have been done up as — and it feels weird just to type this — page layouts from the fashion-forward blog the Sartorialist. The wily Saks designers left no detail out, capturing even the fonts and the little envelope icon (hey, those pants got seven comments!). We impulsively clicked over to the Sartorialist half-expecting to find some sort of mind-blowing switcheroo — perhaps its blogspot.com template looks like … Saks Fifth Avenue! But no, it was the usual design, although the top story was indeed a report from a Saks event in San Francisco. So what’s the deal behind what must rank as one of the fashion world’s odder cross-promotions?
  31. in other news
    Jane’s Carousel Spins With No One to Ride It There’s something almost novelistic about Jane Walentas’s well-documented obsession with a wooden carousel. The wife of the man who built Dumbo first found the quaint thing in Ohio in 1984, at an auction for a belly-up amusement park; she’s been repairing it, piece by piece, ever since. During those twenty years, her husband turned a shady warehouse district into one of the city’s more enviable addresses and something close to a personal fiefdom — but it still doesn’t have a place for Jane’s carousel. The Walentas’ ultimate goal is to mount it in the Brooklyn Bridge park, but for now a kid-free indoor installation during the Dumbo art festival will have to do. And no, you still can’t ride it. But you can — thanks to the kind bloggers at Gowanus Lounge — at least take a spin on the YouTube. Jane’s Carousel Debuts in Dumbo [Gowanus Lounge]