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  1. bloopers
    Watch One of the Most Inexplicable Baseball Plays You’ll Ever SeeA defensive sequence that will live in infamy.
  2. bloopers
    Delaware Senator During Postal Service Hearing: ‘F*ck, F*ck, F*ck’A relatable tech-hiccup moment.
  3. bloopers
    Trump’s Greatest Worst Hits of 2017The number of gaffes and falsehoods issuing from the president last year was so high that you may have forgotten some of the less notorious ones.
  4. bloopers
    Fox News Host Congratulates ‘NAACP’ National ChampsNaturally, basketball + Fox News = a discussion of race.
  5. oops
    Sue Simmons Didn’t Realize Her Microphone Was On (Again)This time she was talking about her breast.
  6. slideshow
    Ten Absolutely Classic Sportscaster GaffesBecause we live in dreary apocalyptic times and could surely use a pick-me-up, here’s a video slideshow of our ten favorite sportscaster meltdowns.