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  1. blowhards
    ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith for a WeekESPN gives the First Take host seven days off.
  2. racial slurs
    Former Tea Party Congressman Doesn’t Get Why He Can’t Say N-Word on RadioWhy can he say Redskins?
  3. blowhards
    Bill O’Reilly Sounds Off on Fox News ColleaguesHighlights from the Factor host’s Upper East Side sit-down with Geraldo Rivera.
  4. blowhards
    Terry Bradshaw Embarrasses Himself on Fox NewsDreadful, even by Fox News standards.
  5. great moments in fox news
    Bill O’Reilly Denies White Privilege, Of Course“I’m going to have to exempt myself.”
  6. blowhards
    O’Reilly Asks Calipari About Rap Stuff: VideoThe subtext was strong, over and over again.
  7. blowhards
    Bill O’Reilly on Bill de Blasio: ‘I Want to Beat Him Up’He seriously said that.
  8. blowhards
    The Rush Limbaugh Children’s-Book SoundboardListen to hilariously out-of-context lines from the talk-radio host’s patriotic, time-traveling kid’s story.
  9. blowhards
    O’Reilly: Killing Jesus Came From Holy SpiritIt just came to him in the middle of the night.
  10. blowhards
    What If Your Name Were Bill O’Reilly?It probably has its ups and downs.
  11. blowhards
    Sean Hannity’s Poor Friends Just Eat Rice and Beans“I don’t believe people are going to bed hungry.”
  12. lawsuits
    Current TV Sues Keith Olbermann Right BackEnough guys.
  13. blowhards
    Rush Limbaugh Still Going to Be Inducted Into Hall of Famous MissouriansHe certainly hasn’t gotten any less famous, it’s true.
  14. blowhards
    Rush Limbaugh Still Losing Advertisers, Pissing Off Peter Gabriel [Updated]Dozens of companies have ditched the show after comments about Sandra Fluke.
  15. in other news
    Charlie Gasparino Vows to ‘Rip the Lungs Out’ of His Old ColleaguesOh. Ouch.
  16. in how many ways is michael wolff wrong?
    Let’s Talk About Michael Wolff’s Claim Today That Nora Ephron Has Killed the InternetWe’ve made a parlor game!
  17. bons mots
    Three Interviews With Julian SchnabelIntel crush Julian Schnabel has been making the promotional rounds for the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and after reading through a few of his interviews, we can report that whether he’s “picking at a crab cake” in Philadelphia, “stretched on the floor in his blue silk pajamas,” or “propped up by cushions like some flannel-shirted artist’s model” in a Toronto hotel, he’s just as Schnabulous as ever. A few of our favorite bits: • On his preferred interviewing style: “Lie down, like I said. Please, just try it, just try it. OK. I will do the same. Put your head down. Now you can just relax and ask me anything you want, and we will be on the same plane.” • On artists David Salle and Robert Longo, who made films that didn’t do as well as Diving Bell and the Butterfly: “Well, they’re not very good painters (either).”