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Blue Dogs

  1. centrist democrats
    Most Centrist Democrats Aren’t Like Kyrsten SinemaParty unity is less of a problem for congressional Dems than their very thin margin for error.
  2. house democrats
    AOC Sets Limits on Intra-Party WarfareAOC’s former chief-of-staff called a broad swath of Democratic members no better than bigots. She’s making it clear that’s over the line.
  3. politics
    A Different Kind of Democratic Party Is Rising in the SouthA more diverse and ideologically progressive breed of southern Democrat is moving to the fore, based on a coalition of minority and suburban voters.
  4. The Radical Proposal That Moderate Democrats Should Be Running OnKirsten Gillibrand believes that the government should guarantee jobs to all the unemployed — and 67 percent of rural America agrees.
  5. early and often
    House Approves Financial-Overhaul BillDespite Republican dissent.
  6. what other politicians think
    How Congress Is Responding to Obama’s SpeechModerate Democrats are feeling a little better today.
  7. the big stuff
    The Idiot’s Guide to Health-Care ReformOur guide to the major players, from Obama to the Blue Dogs — their goals, strategies, and odds of success.