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  1. cleaning up
    Government Allows BP One More Day to Test CapSeepage detected near the Deepwater Horizon well has not sparked a release on BP’s cap yet.
  2. puppies!!!!!!
    WSJ: Did Bo Obama Poop on Air Force One?A mile-high mystery!
  3. puppies!!!!!!
    Bo Obama Is Playing Coy to Get With the PressThey’re literally eating out of his hand. Gross.
  4. the obamas are people too
    White House: Leave Malia and Sasha Alone on Martha’s VineyardBut can we play with Bo?
  5. the most important puppy in the world
    The Second Installment of NBC ‘Inside the White House,’ Starring Bo ObamaThe puff-piece half of the network’s two-part special gets a boost from the First Family’s fluffiest new member.
  6. puppies!!!!!!
    Does Bo Obama Know He’s the Most Important Puppy in the World?That’s what the Times wonders.
  7. puppies!!!!!!
    Puppy Arrives at White House, Immediately Takes ControlWorld, meet Bo Obama. Bo, this is the world.
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    The Most Important Dog in America Arrives at White HouseEverybody, meet Bo.