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  1. politics
    McCormick Still Wants to Be Pennsylvania Senator, Still Doesn’t Live ThereThe former hedge-fund CEO who lost a GOP primary to Dr. Oz is mulling a challenge to Senator Bob Casey — from his main residence in Connecticut.
  2. abortion
    A New Democratic ‘Litmus Test’ on Abortion RightsThe parties have been polarized over abortion policy for long enough that it’s time to pick sides.
  3. Senate Democrats Are Fighting Some Brutal Trends in the MidtermsIn November, they must overcome not just an adverse landscape, but a recent trend toward partisan consistency in Senate voting.
  4. Primary Roundup: Victories for Women and ProgressivesPennsylvania’s all-male congressional delegation will be a thing of the past. And Nebraskans made a surprise choice.
  5. Today’s Primary Preview: 3 Quiet States and Some Pennsylvania NoiseThe aftermath of re-redistricting in Pennsylvania’s House delegation is the highlight of four states’ primaries.
  6. Another PA GOP Congressman Resigns, Triggering Another Special ElectionIn this really bad year for Pennsylvania Republicans, two more special elections are imminent before a terrible-looking November.
  7. Vulnerable Democratic Senators Mostly Above Water; a Wave Could Keep Them ThereApproval ratio numbers for senators show a predictable erosion of support for Democrats running in red states. But they’re hanging in there.
  8. 2018 Senate Landscape Is Stable, With ‘Trump Ten’ Democrats Holding Their OwnSenatorial approval ratings are slipping slowly, but so are Donald Trump’s.
  9. House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban on Near-Perfect Party VoteIt doesn’t much matter what a particular abortion bill proposes: Democrats are the pro-choice party, Republicans aren’t.
  10. bob casey
    Maybe Senate Democrats Aren’t in Such Bad Shape for 2018With a horrific electoral landscape, it was thought Democrats would lose Senate seats even if they did well in the House. But things are looking up.
  11. swing states
    Is Pennsylvania a Swing State Again?It’s starting to look like it.
  12. wagers
    Senators Make Cheesy BetThe most predictable World Series bet imaginable.
  13. early and often
    Best Speech of Hillary Clinton’s Career Caps Genuinely Exciting DNC NightOn day two of their convention, Democrats finally got some red meat.
  14. early and often
    Bob Casey’s Endorsement of Barack Obama? Blame It on the RainPennsylvania senator Bob Casey’s endorsement of Barack Obama was unexpected. After all, he’d previously stated he would remain neutral in the race. So why did he change his mind?