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  1. lamar alexander
    Will Lame Duck Lamar Make Trouble for Trump and His Party?While Lamar Alexander represents a lost tradition of Republican bipartisanship and moderation, he’s probably too genteel and loyal to act as a gadfly.
  2. vision 2020
    Poll: Iowa Republicans Would Reelect Trump, But They’d Also Welcome a PrimaryTwo-thirds of Iowa Republicans said primary challengers to Trump should be welcomed.
  3. 2018 midterms
    Republicans: Trump Is a Mad King — Vote for Us to Give Him Unchecked PowerAs the midterm campaign enters the homestretch, the GOP is delivering the Democrats’ message for them.
  4. 5 Takeaways and One Surprise From Mike Pompeo’s Congressional TestimonyThe secretary of State appeared before Congress to answer questions for the first time since the NATO and Helsinki summits.
  5. Looks Like Republicans Will Avoid a Special Election for McCain’s SeatGOP Governor Doug Ducey will name a successor to John McCain if he vacates his Senate seat, who will likely not face voters until 2020.
  6. Corker Offers Incredibly Tepid Endorsement of Republican Running to Replace HimIt’s always a bad sign when you won’t even repeat your supposed ally’s name.
  7. Senate Republicans Push Back on Trump Plan to Cancel Spending“It’s going nowhere,” said Lindsey Graham.
  8. Phil Bredesen and Democrats’ Long-Shot Effort to Win Back the SenateA new poll in Tennessee shows a Democrat with a solid lead in a bid to flip a GOP Senate seat.
  9. The 8 Zaniest Things About Trump’s Flipping and Flopping on the OmnibusWhether or not Trump is just pitching a fit, or blowing up months of negotiations, it’s all very … wacky.
  10. Bob Corker Decides to Retire (This Time for Real)He would have faced a brutal primary battle if he had opted to run again.
  11. ‘Ego-Driven, Tired Old Man’ Corker Considers Un-retirement From SenateIt’s probably too late for Corker to win another term, but if he decides to run after all, it could fatally divide the Tennessee GOP.
  12. The GOP Tax Bill Was Manifestly Corrupt Long Before the ‘Corker Kickback’Corker is concerned about how a giveaway to wealthy investors like him made it into a tax bill full of giveaways to wealthy investors like him.
  13. McCain to Miss Pivotal Senate Tax Vote After Chemotherapy ComplicationsHe’s going home to Arizona after several days in the hospital.
  14. Bredesen Makes Tennessee Senate Race Competitive for DemocratsIn addition to Arizona, Nevada, and possibly Alabama, there’s now another place where Democrats might win a seat and even gain control of the Senate.
  15. Senate Parliamentarian Throws Sand Into the Gears of the GOP Tax-Cut MachineIt looked like the GOP tax cut would glide through the Senate. But a parliamentarian’s ruling has estranged deficit hawks.
  16. The Trump Tax Cuts Pass in Committee, Head to the Senate FloorIt looks like this thing is gonna pass — if Mitch McConnell can keep all of the promises he just made.
  17. The GOP Tax Plan Might Make Sense — If Recessions Didn’t ExistRepublicans are writing a bill that will stimulate the economy in the middle of an expansion — and automatically depress it during a downturn.
  18. Here’s How Republicans Plan to Get Their Tax Bill Out of the SenateSeven Senate Republicans have expressed concerns about the legislation. Mitch McConnell hopes to win them over with these last-minute changes.
  19. The GOP’s Lonely Deficit Hawks Just Might Kill the Trump Tax CutsJeff Flake, Bob Corker, and John McCain know their tax bill isn’t actually deficit neutral. And they might be done playing dumb.
  20. If These Senators Aren’t Lying, Then Trump’s Tax Plan Is Already DeadIf John McCain, Susan Collins, and Bob Corker mean what they say, then the House bill will (almost certainly) die in the upper chamber.
  21. The Anti-Trump Republicans Issue a Scream Into an Uncaring VoidPrecisely when their influence over the GOP is at a low ebb, conservative Trump-haters call out to Republicans to recant.
  22. 2018 Senate Landscape Is Stable, With ‘Trump Ten’ Democrats Holding Their OwnSenatorial approval ratings are slipping slowly, but so are Donald Trump’s.
  23. What Should Be Done With Jeff Flake and the Anti-Trump Republican Politician?Three Daily Intel writers chat about how Democrats should think about Jeff Flake’s retirement.
  24. the national circus
    Frank Rich: What Jeff Flake Couldn’t Bring Himself to Say About Donald TrumpHe and other GOP critics are still papering over a key point about the president’s intents.
  25. GOP Senator Bob Corker Won’t Say If Trump Can Be Trusted With Nuclear CodesThe retiring Republican senator from Tennessee, unleashed.
  26. the national interest
    Legislative Mastermind Trump Now Feuding With Entire Senate Margin for ErrorA brilliant strategy for passing tax cuts.
  27. Tillerson Given Chance to Deny ‘Moron’ Comment, Doesn’t Take It“I’m not gonna deal with that petty stuff.”
  28. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Bob Corker and the Disgrace of Republican SilenceThe chair of the Senate Foreign Relations warned the president could start World War III. Why will none of his GOP colleagues back him up?
  29. the national interest
    Republicans Irked at Corker’s Myopic Obsession With Preventing Catastrophe“We’ve got so many other things that we need to be focusing on right now,” other than preventing millions of deaths.
  30. Trump Calls Senator Corker ‘Liddle Bob’ on TwitterThe insult sounds familiar.
  31. the national interest
    Trump Implosion Watch: Adult Day-CareCenter EditionA new feature to record a presidency that feels like it cannot keep going on.
  32. Corker’s Alarm About Trump Starting ‘World War III’ Is Spot-on — and OverdueTrump’s erratic style is dangerous on the world stage, but Republicans knew that when they endorsed him.
  33. Corker Calls White House an ‘Adult Day Care Center’ in Response to Trump AttackThe president may come to regret going after a powerful Republican with nothing to lose.
  34. GOP Senator: Tillerson Helps ‘Separate Our Country From Chaos’Bob Corker strongly implies that Americans need the secretary of State to protect them from their president.
  35. What Do We Know About Peyton Manning’s Politics?The former NFL quarterback could run for Senate from Tennessee.
  36. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker to Retire After 2018In a statement, Corker said that “the most important public service I have to offer our country could well occur over the next 15 months.”
  37. President Proves He’s Stable by Trying to Humiliate Key Senate Ally Over TwitterBob Corker said that Trump needed to “move beyond himself” and demonstrate stability. Trump decided to prove him wrong by attacking him on Twitter.
  38. Trump Is Driving a Wedge Between the GOP Base and Everyone ElseBy going soft on neo-Nazis, Trump is doing the Democrats’ job for them: highlighting an issue that splits the GOP base from the rest of America.
  39. the national interest
    The Republican Health-Care Lie Is CollapsingThe GOP plan was to use Obamacare to smuggle in tax cuts for the rich and cuts to the safety net. It’s being exposed.
  40. GOP Senators Begin to Question Health-Care Bill’s Tax Cuts for the RichThe repeal of the taxes on the wealthy that were enacted with Obamacare is under attack by Senate Republicans. That is a bad sign for Mitch McConnell.
  41. Trump and Romney to Meet Again, As Secretary of State Reality Show ContinuesTrump is also meeting with Senator Bob Corker and retired general David Petraeus this week.
  42. the national interest
    Republican Senator Discovers Minority Can ‘Filibuster,’ Is OutragedA man claiming to be Senator Bob Corker has never seen the filibuster before.