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Bob Diamond

  1. barcrays
    Barclays Names New CEO to Clean Up After Bob DiamondIt’s Prince Harry! (It’s not Prince Harry.)
  2. liborgate
    Liborgate Report Lambasts Former Barclays CEO for Withholding DetailsBob Diamond was “highly selective” when it came to sharing information about the rate-setting scandal.
  3. liborgate
    Barclays Just Wanted to Be Like Everyone Else That’s one employee’s explanation for posting inaccurate Libor rates. 
  4. roose family economics
    Li-bored: Why Some Wall Street Scandals StickAccording to my Aunt Deborah.
  5. white men with money
    Rupert Murdoch Knows a Scapegoated Rich Guy When He Sees OneIn this case, it’s Bob Diamond.
  6. scandals
    Bob Diamond Uses Parliamentary Hearing to Blame Everyone Else for Libor ScandalSure, what Barclays did was wrong, but all the banks were doing it!
  7. watch the loan
    Bob Diamond, Illuminati Member?He even knows the secret hand gesture.
  8. wall street daughters
    Diamond’s Daughter: Brit Politicians Can ‘HMD’It stands for “hold my dick.”
  9. banker hara-kiri
    Why Bob Diamond, London’s Adopted Banker Son, Had to GoHe had an American response to a British problem.
  10. <3<3<3 libor <3<3<3
    Barclays Traders E-mail Like Teenage Girls“Dude, thanks a lot for the libor, can you PLEASE thank [Submitter-1] as well :-)”
  11. bonus season
    Sorry, the Window in Which It Was Possible to Receive an Apology From Banks for the Financial Crisis Has ClosedToo bad, you probably missed it.
  12. white men with money
    Baby Talk Encouraged by CEO of Barclays“Talk to me like a 2-year-old.”
  13. transit
    Will Red Hook Get a Street Trolley? A Journey Into Brooklyn’s PastSort of like steampunk, only not.