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Bob Dole

  1. politics
    Ted Cruz (Mistakenly) Touts His 2024 Presidential OddsThe senator noted that “historically the runner-up is almost always the next nominee.” It’s a common but untrue hypothesis.
  2. politics
    RIP Bob Dole, Last of the Greatest Generation Presidential CandidatesDole was always a bit out of step with his party and his country, which may be considered a compliment now.
  3. politics
    Longtime Republican Lawmaker Bob Dole Dead at 98The former Senate majority leader, presidential candidate, and World War II veteran died in his sleep on Sunday.
  4. past is prologue
    Clinton and Biden Bookend the Era of the Swing VoterDifferences in how the two men approached campaigning and governing, despite their similar ideologies, reflect a massive shift in the U.S. electorate.
  5. dynasties
    George P. Bush Drifts Right, Continuing a Family TraditionThe Texas land commissioner’s toadying to Trump isn’t a betrayal; it’s what Bushes have always done to survive.
  6. past is prologue
    Remembering the Reagan-Ford ‘Co-Presidency’ That Could Have BeenIf you find Biden’s veep selection process boring, look back 40 years to a wild ride at the Republican convention where Reagan eventually picked Bush.
  7. vision 2020
    A Brief History of Old Guys Who Became President of the United StatesIn a shift from the early days of the presidency, septuagenarians Trump, Sanders, and Biden aren’t all that old compared to their peers.
  8. 2020 presidential election
    Will Age Be an Issue in the 2020 Presidential Race?With Sanders running and Biden in the wings, Democrats need to take a serious look at the actuarial tables.
  9. Romney Takes Trump to the Woodshed, Calls for Presidential ApologyThe 2012 GOP nominee unambiguously condemns Trump’s remarks about Charlottesville and calls for an extremely unlikely retraction and apology.
  10. Mark Penn Mischaracterizes the 1996 Clinton-Gore CampaignAn op-ed co-authored by Clinton strategist Mark Penn tells Democrats to emulate a 1996 strategy the actual candidates did not pursue.
  11. Bob Dole Has Lobbied Trump on Taiwan’s Behalf for MonthsThe former senator was paid $20,000 a month to get Trump to cozy up to Taiwan.
  12. from the archives
    Are These Quotes From This Summer or Our 1996 Bob Dole Cover Story?Establishment senator or billionaire outsider? Doesn’t much matter to the operatives, when you’re running against a Clinton.
  13. John Lindsay’s Best and Brightest Recall HimThe aristocratic mayor with the common touch.
  14. investigations
    Whose Enormous Chicken Boner Did Bill Clinton Draw?Bob Dole’s? Or his own?
  15. old-timers
    Bob Dole Doesn’t Think He’d ‘Make It’ in Today’s GOPHe doesn’t think Reagan or Nixon could pull it off, either.
  16. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Says Bob Dole Is ‘Infirm,’ Aide Says He’s FineWe’re starting to think Reid is a less than reliable source.
  17. stuck in the mittle
    Bob Dole Tries, Fails to Offer Non-Tepid Endorsement of Mitt Romney“I’ll say this: Romney looks like a president.” 
  18. eye of newt
    Bob Dole Could Never Understand What Newt Gingrich Was Doing With That BucketBob Dole hates Newt Gingrich.
  19. Romney Scores Des Moines Register, Bob Dole Endorsements in IowaAs he gets his groove back.
  20. impolitic
    Heilemann on Mitt ‘Dole’ Romney vs. Newt ‘Buchanan’ Gingrich in IowaHow the 2012 GOP race is shaping up to be 1996 redux, with Obama stepping in for Bill Clinton.
  21. early and often
    Democrats Not Very Interested in a Primary Challenge to President ObamaIt seems most are still pretty satisfied.
  22. early and often
    Senior Republican Strategist: ‘McCain Should Campaign Like Dole’This, of course, makes us imagine what else John McCain should do like Dole.
  23. gossipmonger
    Who’s Afraid of the Wall of Sound?The judge in the Phil Spector case informed a law-school symposium that Spector better not lie under oath. Edward Albee once stole a typewriter. Tom Ford thinks he’s getting too old to care about sex. John Mayer hit on a bunch of girls at Stereo but left solo. Among the items in the gift bag at the Museum of Sex benefit last week: a vibrator and a Mandy Moore single. Burglars who broke into Michael Cox Witmer’s penthouse neglected to take any of his valuable paintings. Kid Rock left a party at Cannes because Pam Anderson was there. Jennifer Esposito may have dined and dashed. Taylor “MMMBop” Hanson mused on Paris Hilton. Drew Carey is an excellent tipper. Jennifer Tilly gets free biscuits at Popeye’s because of her star turn in Bride of Chucky. A story in L’Uomo Vogue claims that Tipper Gore and Bob Dole used the same plastic surgeon.