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  1. Steve Martin Gives Nontraditional Endorsement to Bob KerreyWhile constructing a wad of paper.
  2. ivory towers
    Bob Kerrey Got $3 Million Last Year As President Emeritus of the New SchoolNot too shabby.
  3. prodigal sons
    Can ‘Big Apple Bob’ Get Reelected in Nebraska?Bob Kerrey, prodigal son.
  4. education
    Mild-Mannered Non-Commando to Succeed Bob KerreyThe New School has a new president.
  5. bons mots
    Bob Kerrey Reflects on Being Hired by the New SchoolThe embattled president just, like, doesn’t get what the progressive institution was thinking.
  6. school daze
    Kerrey to Leave the New SchoolThough not as soon as many student protesters would like.
  7. school daze
    New School Building Occupation Ends in Raid, Pepper SprayAdministrators displayed a distinctly smaller amount of patience with protesters this time around, calling in the police almost immediately.
  8. school daze
    Student Rebels Take Over New School Building, AgainAnd again, they’re demanding the resignation of Bob Kerrey.
  9. school daze
    Parsons Lets Go of Adjunct Faculty in Fine Arts“I believe when you lose your job, and there’s no justification for it, it’s ‘being fired.’”
  10. school daze
    There’s All Kinds of Crazy Going on at the New SchoolStudents are protesting, wounded Vietnam vets are fleeing angry mobs, tomatoes are being thrown. All in the name of higher education.
  11. intel
    Monday’s Magazine, Today!Tina Fey brings her Sarah Palin impression out of retirement, Bob Kerrey doesn’t know why he’s so unloved, and how the hell are the Mets and Yankees spending so much money?
  12. school daze
    Kerrey Has No Fears of No-Confidence VoteHe’s not letting the faculty of the New School get him down.
  13. school daze
    Kerrey Facing No-Confidence Vote From New School Faculty?Just like the one he got from Democrats in the 1992 presidential primary!
  14. it just happened
    Breaking: Bob Kerrey Will Not Leave the New School for Senate RunAfter weeks of speculation, Bob Kerrey has announced that he won’t be running for Chuck Hagel’s Senate seat in Nebraska and that he will instead remain president of the New School in New York. “I nearly said yes to leaving,” he said in a statement just released by the school. But, he added, “for my family and me now is not the time for me to reenter politics as a candidate.” Kerrey’s statement did not address worries some Democrats had over his recently revealed connections to jailed controversial fund-raiser Norman Hsu. But he did say he would not stay out of political debates. “I am deeply troubled about the direction of our country. And the idea of returning home to Nebraska to lead a political campaign based on a promise to do my part to change the direction was very appealing,” he explained. “Some argue that university presidents should avoid public debates and controversy. I believe differently and, fortunately for me, so do the trustees of The New School.” Related: Bob Kerrey, Cockblocker [NYM]
  15. gossipmonger
    Searching for Mrs. XHarvey Weinstein hired private eye Bo Dietl to try to figure out the real identity of The Nanny Diaries’ Mrs. X. New School prez Bob Kerrey seems likely to run for Senate again if Chuck Hagel quits. Jerry Lewis said that Merv Griffin deserved to die of prostate cancer. The fake feud between Kanye West and 50 Cent is officially over. Richard Gere thinks he could capture Bosnian war criminal Radovan Karadzic, even though NATO has unsuccessfully looked for him for a decade. (And James Brolin flies planes and builds houses.) Subscribers to the now-shuttered Jane magazine are getting Glamour instead, and ex Jane staffers are pissed. Katie Holmes fell and bruised herself after chasing Suri in Paris.
  16. gossipmonger
    Tinz and Olivia Hate Each Other More Than They Hate GenocideTinsley Mortimer and Olivia Palermo hate each other so much they couldn’t jointly host a benefit for Darfur. John Mayer took Mandy Moore to lunch (at La Esquina) and Cameron Diaz to dinner (at Indochine) on the same day. New School president Bob Kerrey, a former governor and senator from Nebraska, might move back to run Chuck Hagel’s senate seat. Ivanka Trump instituted a “no midriff, no bikini bottom” rule for her October Stuff magazine cover. Former Jets QB Joe Namath is now a grandfather, though his daughter is only 16. Billy Joel thinks his Hamptons benefit concert was overpriced — and not that good. A Mr. Chow is opening in Vegas. Giants safety Will Demps is done with groupies. A Maxim writer thinks Sanjaya and Adrian Grenier are doppelgängers.
  17. party lines
    Bob Kerrey Likes Hillary and Bloomberg, Won’t Talk About ModelsFormer Nebraska senator and ‘92 presidential candidate Bob Kerrey’s perch at the New School seems to have made him a New York partisan: He says he “probably won’t” make any ‘08 endorsements, but he did tout two locals as his candidates of choice. “I like Hillary a lot,” he said at the annual Parsons benefit last week. “I think she’s been a great senator for New York and has a tremendous amount of experience. And I got to say I think Bloomberg’s done a phenomenal job. I’d be very comfortable with Hillary or Bloomberg.” But Bloomberg insists he won’t run. And neither will Kerrey, for that matter. “I have no elective political aspirations for ‘08,” Kerrey said. “But everything I do is political. Aren’t you going to ask me about Parsons? About fashion?” Okay — who’s your favorite designer? “I don’t have one.” Any thoughts on the skinny-model controversy? “Yes, but I’m not going to give you them. Most of my thoughts about the models are not publishable.” Glad we asked. —Amy Odell