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Bob Menendez

  1. politics
    Senator Menendez Arraigned On Further Charges In New York City
    Bob Menendez’s Possible Legal Defense: My Wife Did It!Unsealed court documents reveal how the senator may negotiate his upcoming bribery trial.
  2. early and often
    Jury Deliberations Continue In The Corruption Trial Of Sen. Menendez (D-NJ)
    Can New Jersey’s Dying Political Machine Save One Menendez?The senator’s son in Congress has a tough primary challenge.
  3. early and often
    Who Was 2023’s Biggest Loser in Politics?There were several politicians who had a terrible, no-good year. But nobody’s 2023 was as brutal as a certain soon-to-be ex-congressman’s.
  4. uh oh
    The Bob Menendez Scandal Is Looking Even More SordidGold bars that federal agents found in the senator’s house were reportedly stolen from a man accused of bribing him.
  5. politics
    Nadine and Bob Menendez’s Flashy, Allegedly Corrupt, RomanceThe New Jersey senator had nicknamed his wife Bubbles. It seemed like they were having a lot of fun together before they were both indicted.
  6. politics
    New Probe Launched Into Fatal Crash Involving Senator Menendez’s WifeThe New Jersey attorney general’s office is looking into how police handled the fatal 2018 crash in which Nadine Menendez hit a pedestrian.
  7. exhibit a
    Menendez Followed the Supreme Court’s Bribery PlaybookAnd thanks to inaction by Congress, he might beat the case.
  8. politics
    The 5 Most Jaw-Dropping Allegations in the Bob Menendez IndictmentMenendez has already rescinded his position as Senate Foreign Relations chair amid allegations that he took gold bars and wads of cash as bribes.
  9. the national interest
    Let’s Compare How Trump and Biden Treat Indicted Crooks on Their Own SideRepublicans won’t admit it, but Biden is respecting DOJ independence.
  10. 2018 midterms
    Why New Jersey’s Menendez Could Be Democrats’ Midterm Achilles’ HeelNew Jersey is a very blue state, but Bob Menendez is in some peril against a deep-pocketed opponent after a long corruption trial.
  11. 2018 elections
    6 New Midterm Polls You’ll Want to SeeBarn-burners in Wisconsin and Texas, a GOP governor in trouble in Illinois, and other numbers from the campaign trail.
  12. 2018 senate elections
    Democratic Drive to Win Senate Hitting Some Barriers in Florida and New JerseyMost Senate observers are focused on Democrats in deep-red states. But Nelson of Florida is in trouble, and Menendez of New Jersey could be, too.