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  1. early and often
    The Drama-Lover’s Guide to the New Trump BooksLove gossip but not enough to actually read all the books about Trump? Here are all the juicy, disturbing, and darkly amusing tidbits you missed.
  2. politics
    Woodward and Bernstein Didn’t Act AloneIf not for their competitors, Nixon would probably have survived Watergate.
  3. books
    The Banality of BonkersBob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book on the transition of power from Trump to Biden offers plenty of new details but little surprise.
  4. coronavirus
    The 5 Worst Things Jared Kushner Told Bob Woodward About Trump’s COVID StrategyIn a newly published interview with Bob Woodward, Jared Kushner said in April that Trump wanted to get “the country back from the doctors.”
  5. the national interest
    Noted Bibliophobe Donald Trump Claims He Read 466-Page Woodward Book in 1 NightAn extraordinary all-night reading session for the book-averse president.
  6. the national circus
    Why Woodward’s Book Won’t Break ThroughVoters already know everything they need to about the president’s deadly callousness and indifference.
  7. the blame game
    White House, Allies Attempt Defense in Woodward DebacleTucker Carlson pinned the blame for the entire episode on Lindsey Graham.
  8. the national interest
    Trump Avoided Overreacting to the Coronavirus. Mission Accomplished!Maybe presidential overreaction to this pandemic was not the main threat?
  9. coronavirus
    Panicker-in-Chief Claims He Lied About COVID-19 to ‘Reduce Panic’Hardly a minute goes by that Trump isn’t trying to instill fear or induce panic. It’s his chosen strategy for reelection.
  10. the national interest
    The 5 Wildest Revelations in Bob Woodward’s New Trump Book“I always wanted to play it down.” Maybe don’t admit that on tape?
  11. year in culture 2018
    Book Publishing’s No Good, Very Good Year of TrumpIn 2018, publishers cried about the president all the way to the bank.
  12. interview
    Bob Woodward on the ‘Best Obtainable Version of the Truth’ About TrumpThe legendary journalist explains Trump’s nervous breakdown, when to believe a White House official, and why he isn’t visiting Moscow anytime soon.
  13. donald trump
    Stephen Miller May Be the Only Staffer Trump Trusts NowTrump’s paranoia may lead him to rely ever more closely on his young and trollish policy adviser.
  14. donald trump
    Stormy Daniels to Publish a Tell-All Book About Trump Just Before MidtermsAdding to the distractions created by Bob Woodward’s book, it could be a stormy October for the White House.
  15. donald trump
    Lindsay Graham’s Latest Mission: Encouraging Trump’s Blood LustOnce part of the jolly, bipartisan Three Amigos, Graham is now very focused on feeding Trump’s most hawkish impulses.
  16. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Anonymous White House Official Is a Collaborator, Not a ResisterThe Times op-ed reads like a defense document offered in case a Nuremberg-like legal reckoning ever comes about.
  17. interview
    Bob Woodward on the Media“If there’s something that one of the candidates did that we learn about in somebody’s memoir in 20 years, that really was essential to understanding who they are — that means we failed, in my view.”
  18. from the archives
    Revisiting New York’s Watergate Series As the scandal crested, we imagined what it looked like. 
  19. books
    Bob Woodward to Reveal More Secrets from the Nixon White HouseIn his forthcoming book The Last of the President’s Men.
  20. watergate
    Garage Where ‘Deep Throat’ Met Bob Woodward Is Being Torn Down Tour groups will be devastated.
  21. ink-stained wretches
    First Change of Washington Post’s Bezos Era: More WoodwardHe’s earning that $25 per-month salary.
  22. dick moves
    A Biden Aide Made a Student Reporter Delete Photos of a Vice Presidential EventSomeone tell Bob Woodward this is what intimidation looks like.
  23. politics
    Bob Woodward and the Obama Administration Made UpSo ends this week’s strangest political drama.
  24. woodwardgate
    Woodward: E-mail Coded ‘You Better Watch Out’Big difference, apparently.
  25. the national interest
    Finally, a Human-Rights Abuse Too Extreme for Lanny Davis to IgnoreA sensitive soul speaks out against presidential thuggery.
  26. ink-stained wretches
    Bob Woodward Is Fine With Intimidating Young Journalists When It Suits HimAnyone remember Jeff Himmelman?
  27. the national interest
    What the Hell Happened to Bob Woodward? [Updated]It’s the latest worst thing since Watergate.
  28. woodwardgate
    Bob Woodward Thinks a White House Aide Threatened Him“I think you will regret staking out that claim,” said a White House aide.
  29. the national interest
    The Weird Philosophy of Bob WoodwardThese aren’t the news reports you’re looking for.
  30. early and awkward
    New Romney Ad Uses Pelosi’s Alleged Obama Speakerphone Muting Woodward said, Nancy said.
  31. mea culpas
    President Obama Is Really Sorry About Insulting WhatshisfaceJack Ryan? Paul Bunyan?
  32. ink-stained wretches
    Bob Woodward on Ben Bradlee’s ‘Residual Fear’Will a Bradlee biography change the story of Watergate?
  33. the great switcheroo
    Clinton-Biden Switcheroo Not Impossible, Unnecessary Column Informs UsThis rumor will never die.
  34. watergate remembered
    Garage Where ‘Deep Throat’ Met Watergate Source Now Has Its Own Historic MarkerPair met six times between 1972 and 1973.
  35. tweets don’t twit themselves
    89-Year-Old Ben Bradlee Spits Wisdom for the YouthThe former Washington ‘Post’ editor stands up for journalism with the rallying cry, “These kids think tweets twit themselves!”
  36. comings and goings
    President Obama’s National Security Adviser Steps DownJames Jones will be replaced by his deputy, Thomas Donilon.
  37. Obama Administration Denies Bob Woodward’s Sordid Swapping RumorsWhich aren’t even new.
  38. the great switcheroo
    Clinton-Biden Switch ‘On the Table,’ Woodward SaysHe adds that Hilary could “run in her own right” in 2016.
  39. cable news news
    Greta Van Susteren Cancels Bob Woodward Interview After Publisher Won’t Hand Over Book‘Right on Greta!’ tweets Rachel Maddow.
  40. cheney of fools
    Liz Cheney Thinks America Is Too Weak and Fragile to Withstand a Terror AttackWhy does she hate America so much?
  41. ink-stained wretches
    Bob Woodward’s New Book Depicts Afghanistan As a Classic Obama CompromiseObama: “I want an exit strategy.”
  42. ink-stained wretches
    Bob Woodward Unimpressed by the Times’ Watergate ScoopA tip is nothing without a brilliant reporter to follow up on it.
  43. gossipmonger
    In Which D.C. Stands for the ‘District of Celebrities’They are all there, basking in the O-Man’s glory. Except Paris Hilton, who’s at Sundance.
  44. company town
    Tom Wolfe Still Making Sweeping, Mostly True GeneralizationsThe writer predicts “the end of capitalism,” and may be right; Ariana Huffington talks about her beef with Tim Russert; and a Manhattan lawyer does due diligence with the Other Side, all in our daily rundown of weird, wonderful finance, media, law and real-estate news.