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  1. bromances
    President Obama Probably Misses John Boehner Already “Boehner, man, I’m going to miss you.”
  2. Will Democrats Elect the Next GOP Speaker?Kevin McCarthy’s stunning withdrawal may bring about the unprecedented.
  3. 5 Things to Know About Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Likely Next SpeakerDonors can’t resist him!
  4. Frank Rich: GOP Can’t Impeach Obama, Closes D.C.The Obamacare fight isn’t about reforming health care in the slightest.
  5. Frank Rich on the National Circus: America Is Soft on Domestic TerrorismMass shooters are the equivalent of homegrown suicide bombers.
  6. Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Fiscal Cliff Is the Y2K of 2012Obama can wait out the GOP.
  7. Romney’s Closing Argument: Threats Are MadeWhat was once black humor is now Romney’s central campaign rationale.
  8. bromantic
    Inside the Boehner/McConnell BromanceThe Speaker of the House and the Senate Minority Leader have an “unusual bond,” the New York Times tells us today. Paging Apatow!
  9. congressapalooza
    Pelosi Will Give the Gavel Back, EventuallyHey, no rush.