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Bomb Scares

  1. bomb scares
    Lufthansa Flight Diverted to JFK After ‘Credible’ Bomb ThreatAll passengers deplaned safely, and the bomb squad cleared the plane after its search.
  2. stupid things
    Metro-North Delayed by Box Painted Like Bender It could have been a bomb!
  3. bomb scares
    LA Man Found With 17 Homemade BombsThat’s some hobby.
  4. if you see something say something
    Please Don’t Leave Your Fake Grenades Lying AroundThey’re very disruptive.
  5. bomb scares
    Someone Forgot Their Camera on a Plane and Caused a Bomb ScareFighter jets scrambled to escort plane to Logan Airport.
  6. art
    How Takeshi Miyakawa Landed in LockupA 311 call gone awry.
  7. terrorble
    Bomb Discovered in Ireland in Anticipation of Queen Elizabeth’s VisitBut that didn’t stop her!
  8. glossy posse
    Bomb Scare Evacuates Condé Nast Offices in Los Angeles Yesterday“Only in L.A.”
  9. bomb scares
    Heathrow’s Terminal 5 Evacuated After Bomb ScareEverything’s fine now.
  10. neighborhood news
    Explosive Found in East Village’s Marble CemeteryLuckily, no one was hurt.
  11. terror plots
    New York City’s New Terror-Detection System Will Not Be FooledGillibrand promises a “minimization of false positives.”
  12. airplanes
    Bomb Scare on Pakistan-Bound Plane Just a Scare, ThankfullyThe suspect, a man in his late 20s, said he “doesn’t understand anything and that he has no idea what this is all about.”
  13. bomb scares
    ‘Suspicious Vehicle’ Investigated Near Union Square (Updated)Nearby buildings have been evacuated.
  14. it just happened
    Bomb Squad Investigates ‘Suspicious SUV’ Outside American Museum of Natural HistoryAnother day, another bomb scare.
  15. not so scary things
    Times Square Bomb Van Was Actually Full of ClothingBut was it exploding clothing? We don’t know.
  16. scary things
    Bomb Scare: Times Square EvacuatedAn abandoned van caused a brief panic.