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  1. scary things
    At Least 41 Dead, 147 Wounded in Suicide Bombings at Istanbul AirportOfficials suspect ISIS was behind the terror attack at Turkey’s busy Atatürk airport.
  2. awful things
    Military Personnel Punished for Hospital BombingNo criminal charges were filed.
  3. At Least 28 Killed in Car-Bomb Explosion in Turkey’s Capital And more than 60 were wounded in the attack in Ankara. 
  4. scary things
    Suspected ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Tourists in IstanbulMost of the dead were German.
  5. Paris Attacks Fugitive’s Fingerprints Found at Possible Bomb Factory in BelgiumAnd other news involving ISIS this Friday.
  6. awful things
    Russia Says Bomb Was Definitely Responsible for Plane Crash in Egypt“We can say definitely that this was a terrorist act.”
  7. At Least 120 People Killed in Mosque Bombings in YemenThree suicide bombers struck a Shiite mosque on Friday. 
  8. international news
    Beijing Airport Bomber Injured Only HimselfIn an apparent desperate act of protest.