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  1. crime
    What to Know About the Man Arrested in Connection With the Mail BombsThe suspect, Cesar Sayoc, is reportedly a registered Republican with an extensive criminal history.
  2. the national interest
    Alleged Bomber Cesar Sayoc Is a By-product of Trump’s PartyBefore, conservatives insisted the bomber’s method told us everything about his ideology. Now they insist it tells us nothing.
  3. politics
    Focus Moves to Florida in Explosive Device InvestigationSeveral packages are believed to have passed through South Florida’s largest mail processing facility.
  4. politics
    These Prominent Conservatives Think the Bomb Scares Are a Liberal Hoax“Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing,” Rush Limbaugh said.
  5. is this good behavior?
    Trump Rally Crowd Chanted ‘Lock Her Up’ Day After Bomb Sent to Hillary ClintonTrump also wanted everyone to note “how nice” he was behaving.
  6. crime
    Bombs Were Sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN, and OthersShortly after a similar device was found at George Soros’s home.
  7. today in police reports
    Fifth-Graders Suspended for Making a ‘Bomb’“It was not a prank. They had a legitimate plan.”
  8. international intrigue
    Iran’s Getting New Nuclear Reactors Courtesy of RussiaAnd Barry just can’t figure out what to do with them all. 
  9. terrorble
    Playwright Applauds NYPD for Finding His Fake Bomb in the Trash“They were on top of it,” he says.
  10. terrorble
    The FBI Really Wants to Catch the Hipster-Bike-Riding Times Square BomberNew video and a hashtag.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Homemade Pipe Bomb Discovered on Long Island Home Depot ShelfThe FBI is investigating the explosive as part of an ongoing extortion attempt.
  12. nypd
    ‘Bottle Bomb’ Scare Back AgainThe NYPD must have been forwarded a scary e-mail.
  13. planned parenthood
    Planned Parenthood Bombed in Wisconsin [Updated]A homemade device was placed outside a clinic in Grand Chute. 
  14. sad things
    Queens Man Killed in Explosion May Have Been Building BombsNeighbors say the victim was increasingly paranoid about a dispute at work.
  15. Wall Street Warned After Deutsche Bank Letter Bomb ThreatBanks are “being advised to take precautions.”
  16. Man Plotting to Bomb New York City ArrestedBloomberg: Suspect “inspired by Al Qaeda” but a “lone wolf motivated by his own resentment.”
  17. revolt like an egyptian
    NATO Spent the Day Bombing Qaddafi“We welcome death!” he replied.
  18. terrorble
    Bomb Discovered in Ireland in Anticipation of Queen Elizabeth’s VisitBut that didn’t stop her!
  19. israel
    One Dead, 40 Injured in Bus Bomb That Rocked JerusalemThis is unrelated to yesterday’s violence in Gaza, Israeli officials say.
  20. scary things
    U.S. Believes Foiled Terror Plot’s Explosives Were ‘Designed to Be Detonated in Flight’“It is my understanding that these devices did not need somebody to detonate them.”
  21. neighborhood news
    Explosive Found in East Village’s Marble CemeteryLuckily, no one was hurt.
  22. scary things
    Jersey City Has Its Own Problems With Crude BombsA bomb nearly leveled three buildings in New Jersey today.
  23. it just happened
    Bomb Squad Investigates ‘Suspicious SUV’ Outside American Museum of Natural HistoryAnother day, another bomb scare.
  24. times square bomb scare
    U.S. Citizen From Pakistan Arrested in Connection With Bomb Attempt (Updated)Faisal Shahzad arrested at New York City airport in apparent attempt to flee country.
  25. bombs
    Police Release Video of ‘Person of Interest’ Near Times Square Bomb SceneThey’ve also tracked down the owner of the Nissan Pathfinder in which the explosive materials were left.
  26. bombs
    Someone Tried to Set Off a Car Bomb in Times Square (Updated)It failed to detonate, and nobody was hurt.
  27. terror plots
    Averted Northwest Airlines Bomb Was Powerful, But Very Hard to IgniteThank goodness?
  28. scary things that are also funny things
    Al Qaeda Anal-Cavity Terrorism Gives Post a Porcelain OpportunityHow many butt jokes can a tabloid make in one story?
  29. homeland security
    Report: Bomb-Making Guide Found on Colorado Terror Suspect’s ComputerNajibullah Zazi is acting strangely calm about all this.