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  1. bon mots
    NYT Editor Calls Someone ‘Asshole’ on FacebookIt happens.
  2. bold comparisons
    N.C. Lawmaker: Obamacare Like Nazis, SovietsNeeds more offensive imagery.
  3. bon mots
    Fran Lebowitz Destroys Mayor Bloomberg in Quip-Off“Here’s how many lives he’s saved: zero.”
  4. bon mots
    Eliot Spitzer Is the Hero of His Own StorySo he hasn’t read a novel in three decades.
  5. bon mots
    Ballsy Woman Doubts Armed Robber’s IntentionsShe said he “didn’t have the balls.”
  6. bon mots
    Sarah Palin on American Intervention in the Middle East: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’Really.
  7. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden on Fire at Frank Lautenberg’s FuneralHe’s got jokes.
  8. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Learning Slowly Not to Call Police ‘Mall Cops’ If He Wants to Be MayorThe Port Authority is not pleased.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Millionaire Madam’ Serves 45 Minutes in JailThe target: D.A. Cyrus Vance.
  10. early and often
    Dr. Obama Diagnoses Mitt Romney’s ‘Romnesia’Zing.
  11. master debaters
    Veep Zingers for Joe Biden and Paul RyanJust imagine if these guys could curse.
  12. bon mots
    Barack Obama and Jay-Z Have Some Things in CommonDaughters and awesome wives.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    British Bank Caught Going Rogue With Iran: ‘You F-cking Americans’“Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians.”
  14. bon mots
    Jerry Seinfeld Sees No Need for Bloomberg’s Soda Ban“Fatten them up, kill them off, and move them out.”
  15. bon mots
    Keith Olbermann vs. Current TV, Round VThe station responds to the fired host’s lawsuit.
  16. bon mots
    Barack Obama, BirtherHe grills some poor lady about her birth certificate.
  17. bon mots
    How the Romney Family Became So LargeEnjoy the mental picture.
  18. Fourteen Occupiers Get Brooklyn Bridge–Related Charges DroppedNearly 200 such cases have already been dismissed.
  19. bon mots
    Ex-Komen VP Pulls No Punches in Going After Planned ParenthoodShe calls the organization a “giant bully,” horseman of the apocalypse.
  20. Santorum Likens Voting for Romney to ‘Voter Malpractice’On Face the Nation today.
  21. Rick Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated on Taliban Corpses“Obviously 18, 19-year-old kids make stupid mistakes.”
  22. Barney Frank’s Eleven Best Insults“What the hell is wrong with you?”
  23. bon mots
    Nancy Pelosi ‘Oops’-es Rick Perry on TwitterTheir debate is now unnecessary.
  24. bon mots
    Rick Perry Says He May Not Be the Best Debater in Town, But at Least He’s Got a Firm Rudder-HandSpeaking in Romney’s native Michigan yesterday.
  25. bon mots
    Karl Rove Thinks Palin Will RunBut that if she doesn’t announce by next week, people are going to get fed up fast with all this maybe-she-will, maybe-she-won’t business.
  26. bon mots
    Tell Us What You Really Think Of Con Ed, Mr. MayorA little tough love can be a motivator.
  27. bon mots
    Mayor Bloomberg: ‘Let Immigrants Come, As Long As They Go to Detroit’“You would populate Detroit overnight.”
  28. bon mots
    Mayor Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Always Reminds Him: ‘It’s About My House, My Job’Bloomberg comes out against the birther movement, with wisdom from Diana Taylor.
  29. revolt like an egyptian
    White House Envoy Who Said Mubarak Should Stay in Office Also Works for Egyptian GovernmentThis looks really, really bad.
  30. bon mots
    Bill Clinton Longs for a Happy WifeHillary will not be happy until Chelsea bears her a grandchild.
  31. bon mots
    Nazi Allusions Are the International Language of PoliticsSpanish-language newspaper in Georgia makes the governor look like Hitler.
  32. bon mots
    John Mayer Tries to Top ‘Sexual Napalm’ Line on the Upper East SideJohn Mayer, fortune teller.
  33. bon mots
    Euphemistically, Mayor Bloomberg Always Pictures His Employees Getting ‘Hit by a Truck’“Just as a euphemism.”
  34. bon mots
    Tom Daschle Approves of Julianna Smoot’s Wardrobe“She kind of dresses like, if I were a woman, how I would dress.”
  35. bon mots
    Robert Morgenthau Doesn’t Want to Overstate How Utterly Cataclysmic That Would BeThe entire court system would shut down if we held a terrorism trial in the city.
  36. bon mots
    Obama Has Lost the Mayor of Las VegasOscar Goodman thinks Obama is intent on destroying his city’s economy.