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  1. bons mots
    Barbara Bush: RINO“I think it’s been the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  2. bons mots
    Mitt Romney Fails to Connect With the Everyman, Part XXXVIThis is getting ridiculous. 
  3. bons mots
    The GOP Is Kind of Scaring Jeb Bush“It’s a little troubling sometimes.”
  4. bons mots
    Mitt Romney Said This Today“I’m not going to change my positions by virtue of being in a presidential campaign.”
  5. bons mots
    David Axelrod’s Sage Analysis of the Newt Gingrich Campaign“The higher a monkey climbs on the pole the more you can see his butt.”
  6. the third terminator
    The Secret to Mayor Bloomberg’s SuccessA very large bladder?
  7. bons mots
    Today in ‘Spectacular Tales of Newt Gingrich’s Narcissism’“This is like watching Walton or Kroc develop Walmart and McDonald’s.”
  8. bons mots
    Herman Cain Not Even Pretending to Care About ‘Knowing Things’ Anymore“I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy.”
  9. bons mots
    Steve Jobs’s Cryptic Final Words“OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”
  10. bons mots
    Herman Cain Prefers the Term ‘Jewishly Challenged’“I think that the so-called Palestinian people … “
  11. bons mots
    This Is How Hillary Clinton Reacted to News of Muammar Qaddafi’s DeathIt’s kind of awesome.
  12. bons mots
    President Obama Tries to Sass Republicans Into Passing His Jobs Bill“Maybe they just couldn’t understand the whole thing all at once.”
  13. bons mots
    Bob Dylan Is David Remnick’s White WhaleBob Dylan is really not interested in doing the ‘New Yorker’ Festival.
  14. bons mots
    Jay-Z Pokes Fun at Brooklyn’s GentrificationAn easy target, sure, but he does it with subtle grace.
  15. international intrigue
    Carla Bruni Only Wants Two Simple Things in a ManWhy are all the European heads of state so hilariously European?
  16. bons mots
    Just to Clarify, Barack Obama Is Not an Old White Southern ManDov Hikind wasn’t sure we were following.
  17. bons mots
    This Is What President Bush Said Two Days After 9/11 When Told There Was a ‘Credible Threat’ to the White HouseIt’s actually kind of awesome.
  18. bons mots
    All-Mormon GOP Ticket Probably Not Happening“There would be too many jokes about that.”
  19. bons mots
    Bill Clinton Has a Bit of a Crush on Rick Perry“He’s a good looking rascal.”
  20. bons mots
    Gay Talese: ‘There Are Midgets That Are Attractive, But I Never Met One’The legendary writer explains why he’s never had sex in the back of his 1957 Triumph TR3.
  21. oh pawlease
    Tim Pawlenty Is Managing Expectations for Tonight’s GOP DebateHis goals are our goals.
  22. bons mots
    Mitch McConnell Admits That Hostage-Taking Is Exactly What the GOP DidDon’t call them terrorists though.
  23. bons mots
    Tell Us What You Really Think, Bruce Bartlett“I think a good chunk of the Republican caucus is either stupid, crazy, ignorant or craven cowards.”
  24. bons mots
    Rick Warren Doesn’t Want to Pay More TaxesThe megapastor’s megagaffe.
  25. bons mots
    Crazy Glenn Beck Quote Reminds Us That Glenn Beck Still Exists, Is CrazyHe compares the campers killed in Norway to the Hitler Youth.
  26. bons mots
    Hugo Chávez Wants to Remain President of Venezuela for ‘Reasons of Love’He’s seeking a third, apparently amorous term.
  27. bons mots
    ‘Rarely Have I Encountered Such Swagger, and I Tried to Respond in Kind’Larry Summers on the Winkelvii.
  28. bon mots
    Tell Us What You Really Think Of Con Ed, Mr. MayorA little tough love can be a motivator.
  29. bons mots
    Hillary Clinton Wants to Get Off the Merry-go-roundIt is no longer merry.
  30. bons mots
    Michele Bachmann Is Perfectly Comfortable With YiddishDo they do nails at the Choot Spa?
  31. bons mots
    Stephen Sweeney Has No RegretsHe’s still angry with Chris Christie.
  32. bons mots
    Michele Bachmann Happy People Still Find Her Sexy“Listen, I’m 55 years old. I’ve given birth to five kids.”
  33. bons mots
    Jay-Z Not Happy With Employment Numbers“Numbers don’t lie. Unemployment is pretty high.”
  34. bons mots
    David Paterson Stunned by Governor Cuomo’s Ability to Accomplish Things“I think it’s just stunning.”
  35. candor
    Bill Clinton: ‘I Just Kinda Like Jon Huntsman’“Jon Huntsman hasn’t said what he’s for yet, but I just kinda like him.”
  36. bons mots
    Michele Bachmann Refuses to Mud Wrestle With Sarah PalinEven though that’s probably what the Founders would have wanted.
  37. house of style
    Bristol Palin Finally Weighs In on Michele Bachmann“Do you think that people don’t notice you’re dressing like my mom?”
  38. jamie dimon
    Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Fear What Others Cower BeforeFive little things he thinks we’re worrying too much about.
  39. bons mots
    Glenn Beck to Rick Santorum: ‘I Could Kiss You in the Mouth’Okay, now you’re just being confusing on purpose.
  40. bons mots
    Moving Forward, Bill Maher Would Like Nancy Grace’s Alibi Every Time Someone Is Killed“I’m not saying she did it …”
  41. bons mots
    Mike Tyson Would Be Uncomfortable in a Room With His Former Self“That guy’s a creation.”
  42. and party every day
    Gene Simmons Believes His Online Haters Are Just Sad, Smart Young Folks“If you tear down the structure, there’s nowhere to go.”
  43. bons mots
    Rahm Emanuel: I Have One of Five Major Chief-Executive Jobs in the United StatesDon’t Tell Lloyd.
  44. goldman gods
    The Lloyd Blankfein–Evelyn Davis Dialogues“Evelyn, you’re still at the podium.”
  45. bons mots
    Peter Orszag Got Ben Stein Booted As Citigroup Conference Speaker for Sexist JokesA woman e-mailed Orszag to complain.
  46. bons mots
    Mike Huckabee Doesn’t Want Any Part of Glenn Beck’s Insane ConspiraciesHe gets pissed after Beck calls him a “progressive.”
  47. bons mots
    Moses, Lincoln … FlyntWhat they have in common, according to Flynt.
  48. bons mots
    Dennis Walcott to Teachers: ‘You Will Never Hear Me Say a Bad Thing About You’The incoming city schools chancellor starts off on a nice note.
  49. bons mots
    Barney Frank to Playboy: ‘Antigay Prejudice Is Diminishing’“Places that have gay marriage have had none of the negative consequences that people warned us about.”
  50. bons mots
    Ten People We Wish Had Used the Kobe/Kyl Non-ApologyAndy Cohen, Donald Trump, even Barack Obama — they could all learn a lesson from these guys.
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