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  1. book deals
    James Comey Trades Memoirs for a Life of Crime (Novels)Murder, he wrote.
  2. book deals
    Publishers Are Willing to Pay a Lot of Money for the Obamas’ MemoirsA reported record-setting $60 million bidding war for two books.
  3. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly Reportedly Shopping a BookHis post-Bloomberg plan?
  4. book deals
    Kirsten Gillibrand Gets a Book DealBut not because she’s running for president – yet.
  5. book deals
    Glenn Greenwald’s Book Promises Even More Creepy News on Who’s Watching YouDue in March 2014.
  6. the fox mole
    The Fox Mole Got a Book DealIt’s in the six figures.
  7. book deals
    Greg Smith Shopping Book: Coming of Age in the Age of GoldmanResigned in much-parodied NYT op-ed.
  8. the most important people in the world
    Amanda Knox Signs $4 Million Book DealAnd here we thought she was just going to sit back and enjoy a normal life.
  9. memoirs of an international super-villain
    Julian Assange Inks $1.5 Million WikiLeaks Tell-All Book Deal“I don’t want to write this book.”
  10. book deals
    ABC’s Tapper Gets Afghan War Book DealThat is the equivalent of a whole lot of tweets.