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  1. q&a
    Michael Lewis on His New Book About Trump’s Wholesale Destruction of Government“No matter where I went in my mind, they said to me, ‘No, it’s worse.’”
  2. q&a
    Does Casey Gerald Know How to Fix America?The entrepreneurial activist thinks very big-picture in his new memoir.
  3. culture war
    How ‘Coddled’ Are American College Students, Anyway?In their much-debated new book, Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff raise alarms. The left has scoffed. Don’t buy either of those positions yet.
  4. what the right is reading
    Are You a Nationalist or an Imperialist?Political theorist Yoram Hazony argues in a new book that you if you’re not one, you’re the other.
  5. Why Our History Is More Urgent Than EverJill Lepore, author of These Truths, on writing about American civics in the age of Trump and understanding our historical responsibilities.
  6. Can a Philosopher Help Calm the Identity-Politics Wars?An interview with Kwame Anthony Appiah, author of The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity.
  7. q&a
    How Well-Meaning Liberals Paved the Way for TrumpIn Winners Take All, Anand Giridharadas offers a broader history of how America’s wealth inequality and charitable giving grew in tandem.
  8. reading lists
    The Best Books for Making Sense of the Financial Crash, 10 Years LaterThese came from almost 100 suggestions.
  9. excerpt
    The City Born in a DayNew York wasn’t built in a day, but Oklahoma City was, in a bizarre but uniquely American government-sanctioned raid known as the Land Run.
  10. trump white house
    Omarosa Really Does Have Secret Recordings From the Trump White HouseThe Washington Post has confirmed that the former White House aide has the tapes — but it’s unclear whether she’s “got the goods.”
  11. The Reporter Who Took Down a UnicornHow John Carreyrou battled corporate surveillance and intimidation to expose a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up as a fraud.
  12. cultural anxiety
    Can America’s Two Tribes Learn to Live Together?The chaos of the Trump era has made the country’s divisions stark and dangerous. Author Amy Chua tries to offer an explanation — and hope.
  13. urban fauna
    Manhattan Mice Have Evolved to Live on Cheese FriesProwling New York with the evolutionary-biologist author of ‘Darwin Comes to Town.’
  14. what the right is reading
    Why They Listen to Jordan PetersonThe psychology professor’s emergence as an internet star shows there are plenty of people out there looking for a prophet.
  15. An Unofficial Bonus Index to Hillary Clinton’s What HappenedA handy guide for finding the juiciest references in her election memoir.
  16. What Michiko Kakutani’s Departure From the Times Means for Books CoverageThe most powerful book critic gets a book deal.
  17. select all
    Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140: To Save the City, We May Have to Drown ItKim Stanley Robinson’s newest book imagines a New York where the sea level has risen 50 feet. And it still sounds like the best city in the world.
  18. trump transition
    Report: Trump Adviser Monica Crowley Plagiarized Parts of Her 2012 Best SellerCNN has found more than 50 instances in which she lifted passages or phrases from other sources.
  19. Someone Invented a Vending Machine for BooksWe hope this catches on in the U.S.
  20. r.i.p.
    Author, Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Has DiedHe devoted his life to keeping the memory of the Holocaust and its victims alive.
  21. bye!
    Steve Israel Is Retiring So He Can Focus on Being a NovelistThe Long Island representative is also “looking forward to spending more time home and frequenting my beloved New York diners.”
  22. empire building
    There’s an Amazon Bookstore NowThe tech company extends its empire into the real world. 
  23. photography
    See 4 Moguls Caught in the Ultimate Power NapSandy Gallin, David Geffen, Calvin Klein, and Barry Diller recharging in Mustique.
  24. books
    Bob Woodward to Reveal More Secrets from the Nixon White HouseIn his forthcoming book The Last of the President’s Men.
  25. Why Ta-Nehisi Coates Isn’t Our James BaldwinCoates’s Between the World and Me shows how the struggle for freedom has transformed since Baldwin tackled the subject of race in America.
  26. profile
    The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi CoatesAfter the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. and the hopes of Barack Obama.
  27. profile
    The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi CoatesWhat comes after the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. and the hopes of Barack Obama.
  28. photography
    See New York City Through the Eyes of a Tabloid MasterImages from Andrew Savulich’s new collection The City, just out from Steidl.
  29. books
    Book That Exposed the ‘Wife Bonus’ Will Now Come With a DisclaimerSome details were changed to protect the fabulously wealthy.
  30. the money
    At Lunch With the Author Who Introduced the Upper East Side ‘Wife Bonus’Are Park Avenue wives really like Bonobos?
  31. Governor Cuomo, It’s the President CallingRevelations from The Contender.
  32. brands
    Barnes & Noble’s New Business Strategy: Fancy Plastic BagsAmazon may have cheaper books, but they don’t have plastic bags. 
  33. international affairs
    Talking With Author Who Interviewed ISIS MembersHow the shadowy terror group developed, and why so many are drawn to the black banner.
  34. lawsuits
    The Implosion of Nicholas Sparks’s Prep SchoolA former employee has filed a lawsuit accusing Sparks of religious discrimination as well as racism and homophobia.
  35. scandal-stained wretches
    Jonah Lehrer’s First Post-Scandal Book Is Not the One We’ve Been ExpectingNo, this one’s on the “Digital Mind.”
  36. Russell Brand Has Written a Populist ManifestoWe read it so you don’t have to. 
  37. serial killers
    The BTK Serial Killer Is Working on a Book“People like me need to be understood.”
  38. oh w.
    George W. Bush Loves His Dad So Much He’s Writing a Book About Him“George H.W. Bush is a great servant, statesman, and father,” said W.
  39. de mayor
    Chirlane McCray Wants to Write a MemoirPublishers aren’t swearing off books by First Ladies.
  40. early and awkward
    88 Choices in Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices“All of us face hard choices in our lives,” the book begins.
  41. oh albany!
    Governor Cuomo Is Getting Over $700,000 for His BookNot bad.
  42. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Been Doing a Lot of Writing in PrisonHe has already completed two books.
  43. kids today
    Rush Limbaugh Is Now an Award-Winning Children’s Book AuthorPerhaps the right wing isn’t losing the youth after all.
  44. hillary watch
    Hillary Clinton Remembers Her Mother in Book Excerpt Dorothy Howell Rodham taught Clinton to “never quit.”
  45. hillary watch
    This Summer’s Top Beach Read: Hillary Clinton’s MemoirIt comes out June 10.
  46. cruzin’ for a bruisin’
    Ted Cruz Is Writing a Book And HarperCollins is paying around $1.5 million for it. 
  47. cuomolot
    Governor Cuomo’s Book Gets a Title, Less Boring FocusUnless you’re into “how to shape and oversee a government budget.”
  48. nice things
    New York Woman Left a Ton of Money to the Library Because She Liked to ReadKeeping it simple.
  49. hillary watch
    Hillary Is Having a Hard Time Finishing Her Memoir“She is not necessarily a natural writer,” says a supposed friend.
  50. books
    Anarchist Cookbook Author Would Really Like to Ban His Own BookWilliam Powell is still trying to outrun his teenage mistakes.
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