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  1. A Lifelong Relationship With BookCourt, Ended Just a Moment Too SoonThe bookstore where I spent my whole adulthood will go out of business just before I become an author.
  2. A Little Good News: Three Lives & Co. Bookstore Will Stay PutThree Lives & Co. signs a lease it can live with.
  3. brands
    Barnes & Noble’s New Business Strategy: Fancy Plastic BagsAmazon may have cheaper books, but they don’t have plastic bags. 
  4. on the books
    6 Independent Bookstores That Are Thriving — and How They Do ItIt’s not all bad news out there.
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    Borders Makes a Bid for Barnes & NobleBill Ackman finances Borders’s $960 million takeover bid to buy Barnes & Noble.
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    Bush’s Book is No. 1 — Not That You’d Know It by Going to New York’s Independent BooksellersWe took an informal survey of where ‘Decision Points’ was placed all over Manhattan.
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    Barnes & Noble Fends Off BurkleLen Riggio, the founder and CEO, managed to convince shareholders to pick his team.
  8. neighborhood news
    Everybody’s Sad About the Closing of the Barnes & Noble on 66th and BroadwayNow, to replicate the experience, Upper West Siders are going to have to trudge all the way up to … 82nd and Broadway, where there is another massive Barnes & Noble.