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Booster Shots

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    What to Know About Booster Shots, NowTens of millions more Americans are now eligible for a third dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, and states have already begun rolling out the shots.
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    CDC Director Overrules Advisory Panel on COVID Boosters for High-Risk WorkersThe agency’s director backed another shot for older and vulnerable Americans and for people whose jobs put them at higher risk of exposure.
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    FDA Approves Pfizer Boosters for Seniors and Those at High RiskBoosters will be made available for those over 65, health-care workers, teachers, and others who already received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
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    Johnson & Johnson Says Second Shot Increases Vaccine EfficacyA second shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been found to provide 94 percent protection against the virus, according to the drug company.
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    FDA Panel Recommends Booster Shots for Those 65 and Over, But Not EveryoneThe panel’s vote against authorizing third shots of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for those 16 and over may derail the Biden administration’s booster plan.
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    The Debate Over Booster Shots Is Getting HotterShould everyone get an extra shot, or just the most vulnerable? That question is splitting experts and even the Biden administration.
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    J&J Says Booster Led to Spike in Antibodies in Early TrialsThere are a ton of caveats, though.
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    What to Know About Booster Shots for AllHow it would work and why experts are split on another jab for everyone.
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    Booster Shots for Everyone to Begin on September 20It’s going to be a fall and winter of third shots.
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    FDA, CDC Approve Third COVID Vaccine Dose for ImmunocompromisedThe move paves the way for Americans with weakened immune systems to get a third shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines as soon as this weekend.
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    1.1 Million Americans Have Already Gotten a COVID Booster Shot: ReportInternal CDC data suggests that many people aren’t waiting for public-health orders to re-up on their vaccine doses.
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    What It’s Like to Get an Underground Booster Shot“I didn’t take anything away from anyone.”
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    What About a Booster Shot Now?With Delta circulating, the question of whether more shots are needed has taken on new urgency. Here’s what we know.