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  1. North Korean Geniuses Have Invented Hangover-Free BoozeCan we reestablish diplomatic ties? This sounds great.
  2. party brunch
    So, Bottomless Brunch Is Legal After All, It SeemsAs long as they don’t overserve.
  3. booze news
    Your Weekend Brunch Binge Is IllegalTechnically, anyway.
  4. booze news
    NYPD Held Prohibition-Era Reenactment in BrooklynAccording to one angry bar owner.
  5. buzzkills
    Four Loko Is Back, Without the CaffeineA lot less loko.
  6. booze news
    Today Is the Last Day for New York Stores to Stock Up on Four LokoAnd New Year’s is three weeks away!
  7. weird things
    Koppel’s Son Had Heroin, Cocaine, and Prescription Drugs in System at Time of DeathThis contradicts the story of his accidental binge death as told by the only two witnesses.
  8. interns
    In Thinly Veiled Journalistic Hazing Ritual, New York Post Sends Its Underage Intern on an Extensive Bar CrawlBoozing under the guise of reporting.
  9. early and often
    Obama, Congressional Leaders to Get All Liquored Up TonightCan the power of alcohol finally bring everyone together on this stimulus business? Probably not.
  10. party lines
    Amy Sedaris Kills Goldfish With Only Her Breath. Allegedly.David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels is a movie all about the relationship between a teenager, his older babysitter, and her family. So, naturally, at the event celebrating the movie last night at MoMA, we asked the cast if they ever had the hots for nanny. “Like, all of them,” Green admitted immediately. “I tried [to hit on them, but] they wouldn’t have me! I was a dirty little kid.” As for his techniques? “Lookin’ up skirts and all that. I tried to [use a makeup mirror to look at her] when she was in the bathroom, and it didn’t work,” Green said. “She got pissed [and] sent me to bed with no supper. And beat me.” Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl’s Eric, is just 17 but remembered having an eye on his Iranian nanny’s young daughter. Amy Sedaris, however, had a view from the opposite side. She was always the babysitter. She remembered with a shudder that awkward ride home with the dads, who inevitably had “booze on their breath,” driving you a distance you could walk. And then! “This one kid once accused me of killing his goldfish. I was leaning over it breathing, and he told his parents I killed it, so they never had me back,” Sedaris griped. “I will never let it go!” Man, we wish Amy Sedaris had been our babysitter. Imagine the insanity. And the cupcakes! —Jocelyn Guest Related: Amy Sedaris Kills Roaches With Her Bare Hands