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Border Security

  1. minneapolis protests
    Trump Can’t Explain Away His Vile ‘Looting’ TweetDespite his disingenuous attempt to walk back his threat toward Minneapolis protesters, it’s clear he just wanted to pour gasoline on the fire.
  2. border security
    When the ‘Americanness’ of Iranian-Americans Is ConditionalReports that Iranian-Americans have been singled out for suspicion and extra questioning at a U.S.-Canada border crossing reveal a larger truth.
  3. the wall
    Trump Never Actually Believed in the WallIt seems unlikely that Trump actually thinks a wall is his best border security option. But now, he is stuck with it.
  4. immigration
    As Trump Screamed About the Border in ‘16, Unauthorized Immigration Was DroppingFor all of the president’s demagoguery about Mexico, entries from that country declined steadily from 2007 to 2016, as did all border violations.
  5. migrant caravan
    Trump to Send 5,200 Troops to Border for Preelection StuntWe are sending 5,200 troops (who aren’t allowed to enforce immigration law) to combat 3,500 unarmed asylum-seekers who are still 900 miles away.
  6. DNA Tests Are Being Used to Reunite Separated Migrant FamiliesThe practice is raising concerns among those worried about what the government will do with the results.
  7. Democrats Won’t Win By Getting ‘Tough’ on Illegal ImmigrationThe Democrats’ liability on immigration has less to do with concerns about border security than it does with white fears of demographic change.
  8. Teenage Boy Missing After Running Away From Migrant Children’s Shelter in TexasA man claiming to be his father said he’s now in Mexico, but the incident raised questions about the care children are receiving in federal custody.
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    If You’re an Immigrant, Homeland Security Is Going to Need Your Twitter HandleAll immigrants will be required to turn over their social-media handles to the Department of Homeland Security, per a new policy.
  10. select all
    Palmer Luckey Has an Idea to Make America Great AgainIt involves a virtual border wall.
  11. Perry Warns of ISIS Infiltrating Through MexicoAnd the Pentagon says there’s no evidence of that happening.
  12. immigration
    Obama, GOP Basically Agree on Border Crisis, But Aren’t Fixing ItFirst, they need to do some political posturing.
  13. eh?
    The U.S.-Canadian Border Is Now .08 Percent Secure!That’s really bad!
  14. crossing over
    Congress Passes $600 Million Border-Security BillSchumer: “It will clear the path for restarting bipartisan discussions.”