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Boston Dynamics

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    Google Sells Boston Dynamics, Maker of Unnerving RobotsIt took over a year to find a buyer for Boston Dynamics.
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    Welcome to the Future, Where Packages Are Delivered by Horrifying Robot DogsWho is a good dog? Answer: NOT THIS ONE.
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    Google’s Newest Robot Is a Leaping, Rolling, 6.5-Foot MenaceIts name is Handle, and it can jump four feet in the air.
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    This Is Either the Year’s Best Horror Film or a Lovely Video of Men and a PetThe stuff of nightmares.
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    Google Puts Terrifying Robot Future Company Up for SaleOur robot overlords aren’t dead yet.
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    Spot the Bot: Watch Google Robot Play With a DogSee Spot Run. See Spot Bark at Terrifying Robot Google Dog.
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    Happy Wednesday, Meet Your DoomAs Facebook deploys fun new buttons, Google is building a terrifying robot.
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