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  1. early and often
    The Progressive Takeover of Big Cities Is Nearly CompletePhiladelphia may soon join Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles in electing a left-wing mayor. This would put Eric Adams on notice.
  2. politics
    America Runs on Ben Affleck Not Running for CongressThe actor thought about launching a political career back in 2018. Mercifully, he’s only revealing this now.
  3. pride month
    It Looks Like Boston’s Straight Pride Is Actually HappeningThe event’s organizers have cleared their first logistical hurdle.
  4. college admissions scandal
    Fencing Coach’s Fishy Home Sale Brings Admissions Scandal to HarvardThe Ivy wasn’t involved in the Varsity Blues probe, but a Harvard dad buying a coach’s house at a huge markup is drawing new admissions scrutiny.
  5. interesting times
    The Boston Rally Exposed the Left’s Intolerance of Free SpeechBoston’s mayor, police force, and protesters combined to shut down an event that was open to a wide range of opinions.
  6. protests
    Tens of Thousands March Against Hatred and White Supremacy in BostonBoston’s police commissioner applauded how 99.9 percent of the roughly 40,000 protesters were “standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city.”
  7. Boston’s Sidewalks Are Covered in Secret Poems You Can Only See When It RainsRain clouds get a much-needed silver lining. 
  8. Can Boston Ever Be Fun? It’s certainly trying, by altering laws — and, when that’s not possible, wiggling around them. 
  9. wtf
    Boston Police Arrest Two Men After Pokémon Championship ThreatThey were arrested on firearm-related charges after suggesting they would “kill the competition” at the Pokémon World Championship.
  10. Boston Scares Away Foreigners Who Wanted Its Tax Dollars, AgainAfter many months of lackluster support, the Boston Olympics bid is finally kaput.
  11. Boston’s Enormous Snow Trash Pile Has Finally MeltedIt’s July.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Boston Terror Suspect Reportedly Plotted to Behead Cops, Pamela GellerUsaamah Rahim was under surveillance before he was fatally shot by law enforcement on Tuesday.
  13. This Winter’s Silver Lining: At Least We’re Not in BostonThis is officially the city’s snowiest winter since 1872.
  14. joker-in-chief
    Obama, ‘Formerly of Somerville,’ Calls RadioHe said he had some “complaints about service in and around the neighborhood.”
  15. jerks
    HBS Professor Fails to Bully Restaurant Meet Ben Edelman.
  16. boston bombing
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Would Like to Get Out of BostonHis lawyers have requested a change of venue.
  17. boston bombing
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wrote About God’s Plan While Hiding in Boat The process of building a case against the surviving Boston Marathon bomber continues.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    People in Massachusetts Lose Right to Take Up-Skirt ShotsJust a day after learning of the disgusting freedom.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    So, Apparently Subway Up-Skirt Shots Are Legal in MassachusettsSo says the state supreme court.
  20. bad trades
    Homeless Man Returns Backpack Filled With $42,000, Gets Gold StarAnd hopefully some good karma.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    17 Things You Missed in the Out-of-Control Whitey Bulger TrialThe Boston mobster was found guilty today of murder conspiracy and racketeering.
  22. undignified arrests
    Man Arrested Outside John Kerry’s Home Was Drinking, Taking PicturesClearly, he’s never heard of Snapchat.
  23. inspiring stories
    Boston Marathoners Finish Their Race This Weekend In Boston and at the Indy 500 speedway.
  24. boston bombings
    Nobody Wants to Bury Tamerlan TsarnaevCemeteries are refusing to take the body.
  25. boston bombing
    Police Video Highlights Two Very Different Ends in Tsarnaev Brothers’ FlightDzhokhar, persuaded by a negotiator to surrender, reportedly ran over his brother.
  26. boston bombings
    Boston Police Officers Shot by the Tsarnaev Brothers Were ClassmatesOne died at the scene, while the other was seriously wounded.
  27. shifting momentum
    San Francisco Building Occupied During Occupy Wall Street Day of ActionAlso: marches in New York City, Boston, Oakland.
  28. cat party
    No, Your Cat Cannot Serve Jury Duty in Your PlaceMeow mistrial!
  29. challenges
    Matt Damon Sells His Soul to the Working Families PartyA lifelong Red Sox fan makes the ultimate sacrifice.
  30. photo op
    Thousands Pay Respects to Ted Kennedy in BostonBostonians lined the streets of the city yesterday afternoon to see the liberal lion’s casket progress toward his brother’s presidential library.
  31. Boston ‘Jungle Monkey’ Cop Sues Over Job LossWhen he said Henry Louis Gates Jr. was a ‘banana-eating jungle monkey,’ he didn’t mean he was ACTUALLY a primate who lived in the trees and ate fruit — duh.
  32. the post-racial world
    Boston Cop Masters DoublethinkNothing racist about this at all.
  33. ink-stained wretches
    Boston Globe Union Rejects Contract OfferEmployee wages will be reduced by 23 percent in order to keep the paper from shutting down.
  34. in other news
    Phony Rockefeller on the Lam in New York AreaAn odd New England man of leisure kidnapped his own daughter and may be in New York waters right now, heading for Bermuda.
  35. the sports section
    We Cannot Thank Eli Manning EnoughAs we face a Celtics championship, we look fondly toward Eli Manning — do you realize what sort of three-sport Masshole championship insanity he saved us from?
  36. gossipmonger
    Eli Manning’s Little Town Blues Have Melted AwayEli Manning and Yogi Berra sang “New York, New York” together at Rao’s. Male madam David Forest says Marc Jacobs used to employ his services. Mariah Carey shot a video on the rooftop of Lenny Kravitz’s Crosby Street apartment. Mayor Bloomberg celebrated his 65th birthday with Steven Ratner and others at Michael’s. R.E.M. front man Michel Stipe got into a go-cart accident two weeks ago but is fine now. Blackstone Group co-founder Pete Peterson sold his River House digs to financier Jeffrey Leeds for $10 million.
  37. the morning line
    The Kennedy Conspiracy • There’s more on the weekend’s big story, the foiled plot to blow up JFK. One angle: The fourth suspect, still at large, could be an Al Qaeda lieutenant with direct ties to bin Laden. [NYP] • Another: The man who led the Feds to the plot was a twice-convicted drug dealer who successfully infiltrated the terror group after being muscled into serving as a government informant. [WNBC] • Rudy Giuliani, seeking to diversify his stoicism-in-the-face-of-tragedy bona fides, stopped by to speak at Montoursville High School, which lost sixteen students aboard TWA 800. The campaign hilariously insists he just popped in for no reason. [amNY] • Gun groups nationwide are casting Bloomberg as their No. 1 enemy, despite his concentration on illegal weapon sales. The NRA (whose site has a breaking-news ticker!) calls the mayor a “billionaire, Boston-grown evangelist for the nanny state.” Boston-grown — now that stings. [NYT] • And OTB wants to put touch-screen terminals into city bars and accept “BlackBerry bets,” convinced it will find a new demographic there. We eagerly await the spectacle of drunken hipsters ironically losing their shirt on their ponies. [NYDN]
  38. in other news
    And So the Boston ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Crisis Comes to an End • Reimbursing city and state agencies for their costs in shutting down highways and bringing in bomb squads to remove the Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertisements placed throughout the Boston area Wednesday: $1 million • Donating to help fund homeland security and other programs in the area, in what is clearly a boy-are-we-sorry PR move by Turner Broadcasting: $1 million • Commissioning the advertising campaign in the first place: Cost unknown • Scaring the shit out of gullible chowder eaters for an afternoon: Priceless TBS, Interference to Pay $2 Million for Advertising Campaign That Caused Bomb Scare in Boston [AP via Yahoo]
  39. in other news
    Boston Cartoon Attack Was, Well, a GlitchSo those two hair-obsessed guys arrested in Boston for planting the Aqua Teen Hunger Force non-bombs that terrified New England? A bit of creative Googling reveals that both men — Sean Stevens, 28, and Peter Berdovsky, 27, who goes by “Zebbler” — are affiliated with a “live performing video force” called — and this is the sort of fun part — Glitch. Well, yes. We suspect that Turner Broadcasting, parent of Aqua Teen’s home, the Cartoon Network, sees this as quite the glitch. Which perhaps explains the whole thing: It’s all part of Time Warner, and Time Warner is trying to be more synergistic, and didn’t Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore just say her company needs to fail more? This, folks, is failure done right. Two Men Charged After Boston Security Scare [Reuters]
  40. the morning line
    So Dark the Con of Man • The Times declares Spitzer’s political honeymoon over; the governor’s first state budget, which cuts $1.2 billion from health care and increases spending by 6 percent, seems guaranteed a hard time in both the State Senate and the Assembly. [NYT] • Firefighters: Every time we come dangerously close to deifying them, they do something crazy. Like, in this case, by buying fake “St. Regis College” diplomas online, at $500 a pop, and submitting them to the Fire Department for promotions. [Newsday] • A Long Island con-artist duo lured married marks into one-night stands, videotaped the trysts, then proceeded to blackmail them. The scammers’ photos, printed in the Post, make the “luring” part positively puzzling. [NYP] • In a feat of participatory journalism, a Daily News reporter spends a “day dressed like Sienna” (Miller). For our money, she looked more like JT LeRoy. [NYDN] • And a New York marketing firm scared the bejesus out of Bostonians with promo signs for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which the Boston Police Department somehow mistook for bombs. Nobody objected here, where “a box of fries … giving passerby the finger” is a relatively normal sight. [amNY]