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  1. Bowe Bergdahl Avoids Prison Time After Pleading Guilty to DesertionA judge sentenced Bergdahl to a dishonorable discharge but spared him time behind bars.
  2. Bergdahl Takes the Stand, Apologizes to Wounded Soldiers“It was never my intention for anyone to be hurt, and I never expected that to happen,” he said.
  3. Trump’s Statements Interfere With Bowe Bergdahl’s SentencingThe president commented on the case again last week.
  4. Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty to Desertion, Faces Life in PrisonHe also pleaded guilty to endangering the troops who searched for him.
  5. Bowe Bergdahl to Plead Guilty to Desertion Before the EnemyHe could spend the rest of his life in prison.
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    Court Rules Bowe Bergdahl’s Defense Can Use Classified InformationHis case, which was stalled until this ruling was made, can now go forward.
  7. Bowe Bergdahl Appears in CourtThe next hearing in his desertion case is scheduled for January 12. 
  8. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Will Face Court-MartialThe news comes a week after the first episode of the second season of “Serial” dropped. 
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    What ‘Serial’ Listeners Should Know About the Bowe Bergdahl CaseYou can still join in the theorizing, even if you haven’t been following the story.
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    Upcoming Season of ‘Serial’ Will Focus on Sergeant Bowe BergdahlSarah Koenig was spotted at the alleged deserter’s hearing last week.
  11. What Happens to Most AWOL Soldiers?Looking back at Wil Hylton’s story, “American Deserter.”
  12. Congress Proudly Condemns Bergdahl Swap Instead of Voting on Real LegislationThey’re shouting it from the rooftops. 
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    Bowe Bergdahl Tells ‘His Own Story’ to Army InvestigatorHis lawyer said it was “unadversarial,” with “not a thumbscrew in sight.”
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    Why Bowe Bergdahl Is Back on Active DutyIt may just be a prelude to disciplinary action.
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    Bowe Bergdahl Is Going Back on Active DutySix weeks after being released from Taliban captivity.
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    Bowe Bergdahl Has Been Venturing Out in PublicIt seems his reception has been positive, so far.
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    Army Has ‘No Reason to Believe’ Bergdahl Collaborated With the TalibanThough they’ve yet to question him.
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    Bowe Bergdahl Moved to Outpatient TreatmentA week and a half after returning to the United States. 
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    Bowe Bergdahl Is Back in AmericaThe “reintegration process” could last weeks or longer.
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    Bowe Bergdahl’s Ayn Rand-ian JournalThe returned Taliban prisoner sent his notebook to a friend before leaving his post in Afghanistan.
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    Most Americans Oppose the Bergdhal SwapFifty-one percent to be exact. 
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    Bowe Bergdahl’s Parents Receive Death Threats As Son Begins Recovery Bob and Jani Bergdahl still haven’t spoken to Bowe.
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    Bowe Bergdahl Was Known to WanderThe Army’s classified report reveals new details about the former POW. 
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    CNN Seriously Comparing Bowe Bergdahl to Brody From HomelandFrom the network that brought you supernatural Flight 370 theories.
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    Frank Rich: Bergdahl and Forever War FatigueA freed POW has become a pawn in the fallout over a failed military adventure.
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    Taliban Video Shows First Footage of Bowe Bergdahl’s ReleaseAmid reports that he looked “alarming” in a recent video.
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    Republican Strategists Are Helping Bowe Bergdahl’s Critics Get Their Stories OutDiscussion about the American POW is becoming increasingly partisan.
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    U.S. Spy or Taliban Sympathizer? A Guide to Bowe Bergdahl Conspiracy TheoriesThe POW isn’t home yet, but he’s already poised to be the next right-wing obsession.
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    Fellow Soldiers Criticize Bergdahl They say his actions led to the deaths of his fellow troops.
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    Not Everyone Is Happy With the Release of American POW Bowe BergdahlSome members of the GOP worry that the Obama administration negotiated with terrorists.
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    Taliban Releases Captured American Soldier After Five YearsIn exchange for five Afghan prisoners.