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Boy Scout Jamboree

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    The Time Trump Told Boy Scouts About Sexy Yacht PartiesThe president’s address to the Boy Scout Jamboree featured attacks on enemies and underlings, as well as risqué tales of his own greatness.
  2. Boy Scouts: No One Told Trump His Speech Was the ‘Greatest’Trump said an executive from the organization called him to say his speech was the “greatest.” Turns out, no such call was ever placed.
  3. The Boy Scouts Apologize for the President’s Conduct at Their Jamboree“We sincerely regret that politics were inserted into the Scouting program.”
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    The 14 Most Inappropriate Moments From Trump’s Speech at the Boy Scout JamboreeTrump playfully threatened to fire a cabinet member, attacked President Obama, and thanked the kids for voting for him in November.