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  1. kids these days
    ESPN Robs 6th Grader of His Rightful NCAA Bracket Glory“I think it was kind of all skill,” says 12-year-old of his bracket, which was better than yours.
  2. cranks
    What’s the Most Annoying Time to Be on Twitter?Don’t say “always,” smartass.
  3. baracketology
    Obama Tries to Pretend His Bracket SucksIn reality, it’s still pretty good.
  4. obama is a human person
    Obama, Reagan, and Presidential Work EthicWhy Reagan wasn’t too concerned when an assassin put him out of commission.
  5. gotcha
    How President Obama’s March Madness Bracket Helped JapanIt might sound like a bad idea, but a few minutes of goofing off probably did some good for the Japanese.