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  1. the zucc
    What Does Facebook Know That We Don’t?Facebook is, for some reason, making its name more prominent in its other apps.
  2. the top line
    Why Do Hotel Companies Have So Many Brands?Marriott is actually a family of 30 hotel brands, many of them virtually indistinguishable. What’s the business logic?
  3. Ivanka Trump Plans to ‘Speak Out’ on Climate ChangeNow that she’s helped make a climate denier the most powerful man in the world, Ivanka hopes to make environmentalism a part of her brand.
  4. encounter
    Shaquille O’Neal on His Business Ventures“The James Franco of sports! That’s perfect!”
  5. linguistics
    Why Lean In or Forward: The Branding Behind the Gentle Command“It’s not a command, it’s more of a suggestion.”
  6. branding
    The Obama Campaign Is Still Looking for Its ‘Morning in America’We feel a slogan contest coming on. 
  7. commodify wall street
    Random Long Island Couple Attempting to Trademark Occupy Wall StreetThis seems like not the point.
  8. branding
    Work Hard Enough and Move Up the Food ChainMake that “turd chain.”
  9. osama bin laden
    Bin Laden Thought He Had a Branding ProblemAnd a name change was the answer.
  10. branding
    Democrats Have A New Logo“Change That Matters.”
  11. park51
    Park51 Unveils Spiffy New LogoAlso, the group is trying to get its Twitter page verified.
  12. branding
    YMCA Loses Three LettersA sad day for the Village People.