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  1. government shutdown
    Trump Vows to Shut Down Government If He Doesn’t Get His WallThe president lost his temper and finally took total responsibility for a bad thing that may soon happen.
  2. ‘Baby Breitbarts’ Might Be the Future of Local NewspapersThe Tennessee Star is a far-right outlet disguised as a traditional paper. And it’s influencing local politics while staying in the black.
  3. Report: Roy Moore Supporters Wanted Accuser’s Lawyer to Disavow HerA sordid tale of dirty tricks and Breitbart.
  4. Trump Always Had the Power to Ruin Bannon, But His Strategist Didn’t See ItUntil the very end, Bannon seemed unable to admit he’d so thoroughly screwed himself, and unwilling to believe that even his own had turned on him.
  5. We’re About to Find Out If Bannonism Is a ThingThe Breitbart chairman has a chance to trade pro-Trump sycophancy for an ideologically coherent brand of far-right populism.
  6. Breitbart Didn’t Just Support Moore, They Practically Worked for HimA remarkable blurring of the line between a news organization and a political one.
  7. the national circus
    Frank Rich: NBC Still Has a Lot to Answer ForThe network got out ahead of the Matt Lauer scandal by firing their star. But there’s more they need to do.
  8. Bannon Declares ‘War’ for at Least 3rd Time in Two MonthsWe get it, Steve.
  9. Does the GOP Base Love Trump More Than It Hates ‘Amnesty’?As Trump pursues a DREAM Act, we’re about to learn whether Trumpism is more of a personality cult than nativist movement.
  10. Steve Bannon’s Nationalism Isn’t About the Economy, StupidIf Bannon cared about his economic agenda, he would want Trump to work with Democrats. But he doesn’t, because he only cares about immigration.
  11. White House Wonders If It’s Safe to Fire Steve BannonMany of Trump’s closest allies want the Breitbart mastermind gone, while others reportedly worry about the “mischief” he could make in exile.
  12. trump palace
    Trump and Kushner Push Back on Right-Wing Campaign to Fire McMaster, for NowEven the Russian Twitter bots have been piling on McMaster over the past week.
  13. Trump’s Big Political Asset Is Supporters Who Believe Any Negative News Is FakeGOP “base” voters have long regarded the media as “biased” allies of their enemies. It’s taken Trump to convince them any bad news is just made up.
  14. Tomorrow’s Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Too Close to CallKeep an eye on what African-American voters and D.C. suburbanites do.
  15. Trump Lawyer Hints Comey Part of ‘Deep State’ ConspiracyAfter calling Comey a liar, Trump attorney identifies him with the leakers some Trump fans believe are trying reverse the election.
  16. the new far right
    Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow Talks About Covering His Old Boss“We don’t have to be hysterical or outraged as often because our agenda is mostly getting implemented.”
  17. the far right
    Milo Yiannopoulos Just Got $12 Million to Troll More LiberalsThere’s a strong case to be made that he got his new gig because he’s figured out how to get college campuses to riot.
  18. The Alt-Right Is Debating Whether Bannon Needs a Better Press Strategy“He has a lot of friends out on the internet who love him, but we are all still waiting for him to unleash the beast.”
  19. Why Steve Bannon Might Be the Winner of the GOP’s Health-Care Civil WarThe Trump aide has told associates he’s unhappy with the bill and is already distancing himself from it.
  20. The Right Spreads Baseless Lie That Nunes Just Validated Trump’s Baseless LiesEven if the House Intelligence Chair’s allegations are true, they do not remotely vindicate the president’s “wiretap” claims.
  21. Breitbart Keeps Turning Up the Heat on Paul RyanEven as administration figures rallied around the GOP health plan, Trump’s fans at Breitbart used it as fresh ammunition in its war on the Speaker.
  22. Breitbart May Have Just Killed TrumpcareSteve Bannon’s old site (correctly) notes that the House GOP’s Obamacare replacement would hurt Trump’s base and endanger his party in 2018.
  23. Trump Team Dares James Comey to Say Obama Didn’t Wiretap TrumpOn Monday, the White House suggested that Trump trusts his own misreadings of Breitbart articles over the word of the FBI director.
  24. Scenes From the Breitbart CPAC LuauAs conservatism faces an existential crisis, a tour through CPAC’s afterparties proves educational.
  25. Is Trump Taking Over Conservatism, or Is Conservatism Absorbing Trump?The evidence ahead of a key right-wing conference suggests that it’s the right that’s moving.
  26. Puzder Is the First Trump Nominee to Fall Before He Is ConfirmedLiberals disliked Puzder for anti-labor policies and proud sexism. National Review disliked his immigration views. His many problems did him in.
  27. Breitbart Blames Priebus for All of the Trump Administration’s ProblemsThe leading voice for the “Bannon Wing” of the White House points a finger at the chief of staff – even for the difficulties of repealing Obamacare.
  28. Cringe Your Way Through This Breitbart News Interview With Sean SpicerThe White House press secretary sat down with the right-wing outlet and the video is a sight to behold.
  29. Steve Bannon Sees Himself As Thomas Cromwell. Will His Head End Up on a Spike?Henry VIII’s powerful adviser did change history. But he also came to a bad end.
  30. Trump’s Executive Orders Were Brought to You by BreitbartTrump’s flurry of orders were penned by the Bannon wing of the White House, with little consultation from cabinet agencies or Congress. And it shows.
  31. Paul Ryan–Hating Breitbart Reporter Joins White House StaffAs the Trump team works on an agenda with the Speaker, its staff will soon include a writer who has accused him of selling out America.
  32. Trump’s Rabid Base Will Give Him a Power Obama LackedUnlike Obama eight years ago, the president-elect seems willing to deploy his minions to ride herd on Congress.
  33. Breitbart News Has Gone to War With Kellogg’sThe cereal-maker has stopped advertising on Breitbart. Now the right-wing site is calling for a boycott.
  34. Breitbart News Plans Lawsuit Against Media Company for ‘White Nationalist’ Label“Breitbart News cannot allow such vicious racial lies to go unchallenged …”
  35. steve bannon
    Yes, Steve Bannon Asked Why a School Had So Many Hanukkah BooksThis at least partially confirms one of the accusations of anti-Semitism made by Bannon’s ex-wife in a 2007 court document.
  36. Alex Jones Says Our Next President Will Soon Be on His ShowThe radio host — who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax — says Donald Trump will appear on his show in the “next few weeks.”
  37. Breitbart’s Steve Bannon Might Be Trump’s Chief of StaffA man who knows a thing or two about right-wing politics.
  38. Trump TV May Have Already Cornered Its Audience: ‘The Future of the GOP’Trump is building a 14 million–member email list full of young conservatives. His team wants to milk it for money and influence for years to come.
  39. media
    Curt Schilling Joins BreitbartThe former Red Sox pitcher and Trump supporter will host a daily online radio show featuring political commentary and calls from listeners.
  40. Trump’s Dangerous Game of ‘Beat the Press’Trump’s attacks on “biased” media could incite his supporters not only to distrust coverage of the campaign but to reject its outcome.
  41. select all
    The Donald Trump Jr. Skittles Fight Is Everything Dumb About the InternetIt would be nice if we could debate individual arguments in the light of their full context, without making irrelevant points.
  42. interview
    Kurt Bardella on the Media“It’s no longer viable or plausible to try and say, ‘Oh, we’re just going to be objective.’ How could you not have an opinion at this point, when your reporter is sitting there and Donald Trump is calling him an idiot?”