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  1. the national interest
    Republicans Prove Ilhan Omar Is Right About Anti-Muslim Bigotry“You have to wonder if she is an American first,” says Fox News host who claims to be offended at dual loyalty smears.
  2. Fox Host Defends Trump’s Border Policy: ‘These Aren’t Our Kids’On Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade made the argument that family separation isn’t as bad when done to people “from another country.”
  3. Some of the Most Racist Moments in Fox News History▶️ “Congresswoman, you saw what happened to Whitney Houston: Step away from the crack pipe.”
  4. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Host Assumes Hispanic Co-Worker Is Taco ExpertCode Derp! Code Derp!
  5. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Thinks Anyone Who Says ‘Allahu Akbar’ Is a TerroristJohn McCain can’t even believe how stupid ‘Fox & Friends’ is.
  6. great moments in cable news
    Fox Host Hit Baby in Face With a BasketballSigh. 
  7. islamophobia
    Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends: ‘All Terrorists Are Muslims’Here we go.