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  1. sports
    Brian Flores’s Allegations of NFL Game-Rigging Are a Very Big DealIf true, Dolphins owner and Trump buddy Stephen Ross could be on the hook for bribery charges.
  2. explainer
    Can Marjorie Taylor Greene Be Expelled From Congress?If Republicans go along, Greene could be booted from the House for her violence-boosting behavior. Short of that, it’s up to her constituents.
  3. trump impeachment
    In Jonathan Turley, Republicans Find Ideal ‘Impartial’ Witness for TrumpThe law professor seems like the perfect non-partisan opponent of Trump’s impeachment — until you look at his underlying views.
  4. Can Republican Delegates Take Bribes?It’s dawning on everybody that there are no clear rules keeping campaigns or kingmakers from showing generosity to those planning to go to Cleveland.
  5. profiles in corruption
    Charlotte Mayor Resigns Following Arrest on Bribery Charges Sorry to spoil the American Hustle of 2048.
  6. Brooklyn Assemblyman Not As Lucky in Second Corruption TrialAfter he already beat charges in 2011.
  7. fruit baskets containing large quantities of money
    Former Queens Assemblyman Busted for Accepting $80,000 Fruit BasketWhen is a fruit basket not a fruit basket?
  8. news corp. scandal
    Rupert Murdoch Expected Before Hacking InquiryThe answer is some degree of “very.” 
  9. wal-mart’s mexican bribery scandal
    Walmart in Damage Control Mode Over Times Bribery Investigation The company launched its own inquiry before informing the DOJ, SEC, and Walmart shareholders.
  10. wal-mart’s mexican bribery scandal
    Walmart Top Brass Implicated in Mexican Subsidiary’s Bribery ScandalMore than $24 million was paid out for permits and zoning changes.
  11. crooked in alaska
    Alaska’s Only House Member May Have Misused Campaign FundsDon Young’s aide told investigators that the congressman and his wife used campaign funds as their personal piggy bank.
  12. goldman sachs
    Goldman and Libya: Did the Firm Break Bribery Laws?The SEC is looking into it.
  13. the morning line
    Stalled Traffic • After all that, Albany shelved Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing idea, letting the federal-funding deadline pass without the issue even coming to a vote. Expect a new traffic-reducing proposal, nothing like Bloomberg’s, later in the year. [NYT]