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    Artist’s Wife: Yeah, I Slapped My Husband’s Mistress at Bar Pitti. What?Helen Lee Schifter got busted at Bar Pitti.
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    Brice Marden Once Touched a Picasso Seven things we learned about Brice Marden last night at the Strand bookstore, where he gave a talk promoting his current retrospective at the MoMA and the accompanying book, Plane Image: 1. He’s left-handed. 2. He won a painting by an elephant at a circus three years ago. 3. His first New York apartment was on Avenue C. 4. As a kid, he’d skip school to visit MoMA. 5. He once touched a Picasso there. 6. He was not kicked out for having done so. 7. He thinks New York is no longer the American art mecca because it’s too expensive for many young artists, who are instead moving to L.A.— Kendall Herbst Brice Marden: A Retrospective of Paintings and Drawings [NYM]