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Bridges And Tunnels

  1. Man Arrested in Lincoln Tunnel, After Stopping Traffic So He Could MasturbateStill, he should be credited for not engaging in an egregious form of distracted driving.
  2. MTA Tollbooths Will Begin Disappearing in JanuaryThe cashless toll system will collect money through E-ZPass and by mail.
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    GW Bridge Will Become Traffic Monster at Night“The goal is to keep the delays to no more than 60 minutes.”
  4. bridges and tunnels
    Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Reopening on MondayAt 6 a.m., get psyched, people with cars.
  5. bridges and tunnels
    MTA Chief: Bloomberg Predicting ‘Like an Idiot’Joe Lhota is not impressed.
  6. highway robbery
    Cops Fight Carpooling on George Washington BridgePolice discourage commuters from making new (money-saving) friends.
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    Higher Tolls Inspire Craftier CheatersMore drivers are trying to cheat the tolls at the city’s bridges and tunnels, and their tactics are getting creative.
  8. shakeups
    Chris Ward Is Done at the Port AuthorityHe and Governor Cuomo aren’t such great pals right now.
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    Port Authority Tolls Going Up Through 2015, But Skipping Them Is Sort of EasyIf you want to risk the bad karma.
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    Tolls on Hudson River Crossings Could Get Jacked Up 50 PercentYet another moat around the city.
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    Unemployment Is Great for TrafficWay fewer cars have been making the slog into the city this year than last year.