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Brighton Beach

  1. neighborhood news
    Photos and War Stories From Brighton Beach’s Victory Day ParadeThe anniversary of Germany’s WWII surrender has special significance in Brooklyn’s corner of the former Soviet Union.
  2. ca$h 4 gold
    Hot Tips from Local Treasure HuntersBrighton Beach: Actual goldmine.
  3. crime
    Five Shot in Brighton Beach, One Dead“These kids come not to swim, they come for turf fights.”
  4. snookova and friends
    Casting for the Brighton Beach Version of Jersey Shore Is Going AwesomelyThey have found their Vinny!
  5. snookova
    Is a Brighton Beach Version of Jersey Shore a Good or Terrible Idea?That “there will be plenty of vodka, techno music, and guys wearing Adidas pants” is a plus.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Brighton Beach Baths: Too Good for Manhattanites?Is the city really dumping trash in a Ridgewood wetland? How could we have missed the Sinatra tribute in Williamsburg? And how would you get by without your daily boroughs report?