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  1. ‘mocialites
    ’Mocialite Kipton Cronkite and His Husband/Boss Break UpThat was what, five months?
  2. the greatest recession
    Wall Street Brokerage Firms Want Their Signing Bonuses BackIt appears the correlation between massive signing bonuses and generating revenue is tenuous at best.
  3. real estate
    New York Real Estate Market Reports: ‘People Feel Like It’s a Good Time to Buy’The city’s brokerages released their second-quarter numbers today.
  4. real estate
    Manhattan Real Estate Market Reports: Closings Up, Prices DownGood news for buyers!
  5. vu.
    Fourth-Quarter Market Reports: The Reckoning Begins, Sort ofThe reporting is still behind the bad developments.
  6. white men with money
    The Rich Are Still Able to Exclude You, Even in RecessionThe ‘Observer’ has one of its great obnoxious quote roundups (er, articles) about getting into exclusive buildings this morning.