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  1. Here’s What the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade Might Look Like in the FutureThe DOT wants to find a way to expand the promenade for cyclists and pedestrians.
  2. Tourist Arrested for Brooklyn Bridge SelfieThe 21-year-old has been arrested and is being held in a Tennessee jail as a “fugitive.”
  3. talking about the weather
    Winter Has Claimed the Brooklyn Bridge FlagsThey’re currently in tatters, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Tourists Just Can’t Stop Climbing the Brooklyn Bridge The NYPD busted another one today.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Russian Tourist Who Climbed the Brooklyn Bridge Might Have to Clean ItEmphasis on the “might.”
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Tourist in Jorts Climbed Brooklyn Bridge for FunForeigners go wild.
  7. Man Casually Climbs Brooklyn Bridge to Snap PhotosHumiliating the NYPD is getting too easy.
  8. new york’s finest
    German Artists Continue to Humiliate NYPD in Brooklyn Bridge Flag StuntThe American flags “are back on American soil,” the department announced, as if they did the work.
  9. Arty Germans Put White Flags on Brooklyn BridgeThey sound legit.
  10. new york’s finest
    NYPD Pretty Sure Who Put White Flags on Bridge“Knowing’s not proving.”
  11. don’t do drugs
    Stoner Bro: I Put White Flags on Brooklyn BridgeMarijuana activist Reverend Bud Green of the People Opposing Tyranny (POT) Party.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn White Flag Investigation Inches Along“Many of the city’s best and brightest investigators” are working on it.
  13. oh brooklyn
    Dozens of Detectives Searching for 5 Kids The flag-planters are still on the loose. 
  14. oh brooklyn
    NYPD Thinks Brooklyn Bridge White-Flag Stunt Was an Inside JobThe suspects knew exactly what size the lights are.
  15. oh brooklyn
    Brooklyn Gives UpTwo white flags flew from the Brooklyn Bridge this morning.
  16. talking about the weather
    Storm Damages Brooklyn Bridge, Lights Up New York SkylineThe usual mix of terrifying and pretty.
  17. love is dead
    Note to Tourists: No More Romantic Padlocks on the Brooklyn Bridge, PleaseThe city wants them to stop.
  18. Is This the World’s Worst Selfie?A selfie in front of a guy trying to kill himself on the Brooklyn Bridge. 
  19. scary things
    Brooklyn Bridge Jumper Survives Photographed FallWith non-life-threatening injuries.
  20. brooklyn bridge
    Suspicious Vehicle Temporarily Closes Brooklyn BridgeMaking Memorial Day traffic even more miserable.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Judge Okays Occupy Wall Street Lawsuit Over Brooklyn Bridge ArrestsBut he said Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly aren’t to blame.
  22. oopsies
    The Brooklyn Bridge Has a Boo-BooOuch!
  23. occupy wall street
    How the Occupy Wall Street ‘Bat Signal’ Was MadeThe 99 percent projected their message onto a building last night.
  24. occupy wall street
    700 Wall Street Protesters Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge YesterdaySeems almost all were male.
  25. traffic
    Brooklyn Bridge Back Open After Reports of a Suspicious Package [Updated]Someone on the walkway reported seeing “a flashlight with copper wiring.”
  26. rfps
    Maybe It’s Time to Stop Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge, PeopleYou clearly can’t pull it off.
  27. crazytown
    Cops, Tasers Can’t Stop Naked Man From Jumping From Brooklyn BridgeThis story is a doozy.
  28. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn Bridge Park Construction Finally Starts TodayShort-term benefits might include a Greenmarket and an ice-skating rink.
  29. photo op
    It’s Going to Be the Perfect Weekend for a Walk Across a BridgeAnd we have an idea which bridge you should pick.
  30. intel
    Brooklyn Loves Marty Dolls; Bobbling Brooklyn Bridge Worries UsYesterday was Marty Markowitz Bobblehead Doll Day at KeySpan Park, and we can report that it was everything we’d hoped it would be. Marty’s fans were out in full force — 200 were already lined up when the gates opened to be sure to get one of the 2,500 dolls, and some seemed to be there only for the doll. (The woman behind us in line had her ticket scanned, took the doll, turned around, and went home.) Markowitz seemed as excited as we were to see his head on a doll, even if said doll looks more like Newt Gingrich than the beep. “I wanted to marry a beautiful woman, and I did,” he said in his speech. “I wanted to become Brooklyn borough president, and I did. But never did I dream I’d have my own bobblehead doll.” Meantime, we’re more than a bit concerned about the Cyclones’ upcoming Brooklyn Bridge bobblebridge promotion. We’d rather not have on our desk a reminder of how old and rickety that thing is, thank you very much. —Joe DeLessio Earlier: Flick Marty in the Face!
  31. the morning line
    Partly Cooked • Something to ponder during your commute: The most recent federal survey rated the upkeep of the Brooklyn Bridge lower than its collapsed Minneapolis counterpart. [NYDN]
  32. intel
    Um, How Old Are Our Bridges? The Interstate 35W bridge in downtown Minneapolis, which collapsed into the Mississippi River at about 6 p.m. last night, turned 40 years old this year, as all the coverage reminds us. How old are New York’s bridges? The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest, of course; it opened on May 24, 1883, making it 124 years old. The 59th Street and Manhattan bridges come next, both opening in 1909. The 59th Street is 98 years old, and the Manhattan, which opened on the last day of the year, is still a sprightly 97. The George Washington opened in October 1931; it’s 75 years old for a few more months. (But the lower span, sometimes called Martha — ‘cause it’s under George! Ha! — merely turns 45 this month.)
  33. photo op
    Also, Did You Know It’s for Sale? Our favorite thing about this Brooklyn Bridge–on–a– beautiful day pic, which we just spotted on Flickr? It’s slugged simply “Another NYC bridge.” Oh, God bless you, tourists. Another NYC Bridge [BrentMid’s Flickr]
  34. photo op
    Poets Invade Brooklyn! Poets — and, apparently, Bill Murray — paraded across the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday afternoon to raise money for Poets House. We wish they’d instead crossed the Kosciuszko. What rhymes with that, you clever poets?
  35. gossipmonger
    Hassling HasselbackRosie O’Donnell’s chief writer at The View was busted for drawing mustaches on pictures of arch-nemesis Elisabeth Hasselback. Accused D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey wants to publicize more names from her client list, but ABC News says there are no other even remotely noteworthy names on it. David Blaine wants to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. (Please!) Mary-Kate Olsen and Matthew Modine are set to join the cast of Weeds. The maps have been removed from Jodi’s Shortcuts, the semi-famous Hamptons traffic-avoidance routes. Callers trying to reach Sarah Silverman as part of an MTV Movie Awards promo have been accidentally dialing some company in Texas.
  36. photo op
    Who Told You You’re Allowed to Rain on This Parade? Wedding March 2007 was held Saturday afternoon, when Marriage Equality New York led several hundred protesters across the Brooklyn Bridge to demonstrate for same-sex marriage rights in New York State. The turnout was smaller than expected, because it wasn’t such a nice day. But, then, if it had been a nice day, the umbrellas would have stayed at home and the aerial photos — as displayed on the blog mcbrooklyn — would have been much less dramatic. Gay Marriage Marchers Brave Synthetic Turf at Cadman Park [mcbrooklyn] The Wedding March 2007 [Marriage Equality NY]