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  1. Ken Thompson Was a Prosecutor Who Rarely Forgot Where He Came FromA prosecutor born in the same kind of city housing projects, with their cycles of violence, that he spent his time in office trying to clean up.
  2. city politic
    Is the Akai Gurley Indictment a Makeup Call for the Eric Garner Case? “The guy who deserved to get indicted didn’t, and the guy who screwed up probably will.”
  3. election 2013
    Charles Hynes May Run for DA Yet, As a RepublicanHe’s not not into it.
  4. primaries
    Charles Hynes Out After 24 Years As Brooklyn D.A.He lost to Kenneth Thompson.
  5. master debaters
    Brooklyn DA Debaters Can Turn Anything Into an InsultCharles Hynes and Ken Thompson got nasty.
  6. responsible adults
    Brooklyn’s D.A. Snaps ‘You’re Rude,’ Overshadows More Reserved OpponentIssues, shmissues.
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    Will Courts Stop Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes’s CBS Show From Airing? [Updated]CBS is scrambling to save ‘Brooklyn D.A.’