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  1. booze news
    Your Weekend Brunch Binge Is IllegalTechnically, anyway.
  2. oh brooklyn
    Brunch Ban Ends With Bad PunsNo more “waffling.”
  3. neighborhood news
    Important Local Religious Observance EndangeredBrunch.
  4. koch brothers
    The Koch Brothers Are Restarting Their Boozy BrunchesThe other ones.
  5. intel
    Eating Brunch Outside Before It’s Time: A DebateIn which Chris and Noelle argue over whether it’s appropriate to eat on the sidewalk while it’s still chilly out.
  6. photo op
    Let a Mimosa Be Your Umbrella Oh, be honest: If you’d waited on line for a brunch table — like this couple in Park Slope yesterday morning — you wouldn’t let a little bit of rain get in your way, either.
  7. grub street
    When Brunch Goes Bad Meet Lynnea Scalora, a waiter-bartender (and bassist-artist) treading the fine line between the “dolled-up” LES cool and the “messy” Greenpoint cool: She slings booze at the Annex, where “people are very concerned about their image” but prefers waiting tables at the laid-back Enid’s. How laid-back? Well, they toss Polish locals out for talking to customers. And scoff at the rubes who order dirty martinis, or coffee-and-dessert, or decaf, or Splenda (“these things aren’t what happens at Enid’s”). And snicker at bickering couples. Otherwise, it’s an oasis of tolerance! There’s more Lynnea at Grub Street. Lynnea Scalora of Enid’s and the Annex Can Tell Her Hipsters Apart [Grub Street]
  8. intel
    Celebrity Restaurateurs: They Get Slow Service Just Like Us!When Drew Nieporent — the man behind Nobu, Montrachet, and Tribeca Grill — is at the table next to you, it would seem worth following his lead. And so when we noticed him beside us (thanks, Times Magazine!) for brunch at Geoffrey Zakarian’s Café at Country yesterday, we realized we were listening to our neighbors’ conversation a little more closely than would normally be polite. He ordered the tartare of beef, and therefore so did we. His arrived, served in a Mason jar along with miniature French bread sticks, and looked damn tasty. We couldn’t wait for ours. But wait we did: Almost an hour later, it still hadn’t appeared. Nieporent’s entrée hadn’t either, and so we found ourselves discussing restaurant service with one of the legends of the business.