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Brushes With Greatness

  1. brushes with greatness
    Ed Westwick Is Our Kind of Traveler“He looked like hell.”
  2. brushes with greatness
    The Night We Met the Lloyd Face in Real Life, Part IA play in two acts.
  3. brushes with greatness
    At Movie Screening, Someone Throws Candy at Alec Baldwin Until He Stops Playing With His PhoneYou know, that is a strategy we could have predicted would work.
  4. brushes with greatness
    Spotted Last Night on Avenue CApparently, Eastern Alphabet City is the new West Village.
  5. brushes with greatness
    This Is What Claire Danes Looks Like When She Looks at Courtney LoveNY1 captures an unplanned moment at the Narciso Rodriguez show.
  6. brushes with greatness
    A Moment With the Reverend“Al Sharpton, forced to go back through the metal detector after removing the enormous comb from his pocket that he failed to remove the first time.”
  7. photo op
    For $500K and All of Your Dignity, You Can Be Inches Away From Bravo FameCheryl Mercuris, meet LuAnn de Lesseps.
  8. brushes with greatness
    Spotted: Lisa Falcone, Shoe ShoppingTo be fair, she was in the sale section.
  9. James Franco Fills the Hiatus by TextingThe actor James Franco was briefly left alone at last night’s National Book Awards. Panic ensued.
  10. brushes with greatness
    Actress Lindsay Sloane Eclipsed by New York’s Biggest StarsA brush with greatness ends with some hurt feelings.
  11. brushes with greatness
    Daily Intel Reader Accidentally Underreacts to P. DiddyA Brush With Greatness.
  12. brushes with greatness
    The Day Danielle and Her Mom Met Paul McCartneyThe best awkward celebrity interaction of the day.
  13. brushes with greatness
    Starbucks Barista Commits Classic Celebrity Faux Pas“You know who you look just like?”
  14. brushes with greatness
    I Love You, Ed WestwickA fan gets something off her chest, leading to one crazy night in Chelsea.
  15. brushes with greatness
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton at Starbucks “She looks not exactly ecstatic,” our tipster observes.
  16. brushes with greatness
    New York Intern Confesses: ‘I Was Hot Gal Next to A-Rod and His ‘Hot Gals’’A New York intern we’ll call Jane Blonde was on vacation in the Bahamas this weekend when, suddenly, she came face-to-orange-face with A-Roid and his lusty ladies!