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  1. the money game
    The Rise and Fall of Wall Street’s Most Controversial InvestorCathie Wood built a thriving brand out of price-prediction porn — then the tech bubble popped.
  2. the money game
    The Crypto Cult of Do Kwon: ‘If It Was a Ponzi Scheme, They Did a Good Job’The volatile, charismatic founder created a $60 billion empire by calling people “poor.” It all came crashing down in a couple days.
  3. select all
    Did Bubbles Float Across Your Facebook Screen, Too?Users are reporting seeing mysterious bubbles on Facebook that vanish as quickly as they appear.
  4. Trump Expected to Pick Man Known For Bad Economic Advice As Top Economic AdviserKevin Hassett once co-authored a book imploring investors to enter the stock market — just before the dot-com bubble burst.
  5. Silicon Alley v. the Prospect of President TrumpFive of New York’s top financiers and founders talk bubbles and Trumps with New York.
  6. Subprime Is Back!Did we learn anything from the financial crisis? 
  7. bubbles
    Fountain Filled With Bubbles in Union SquareOr maybe someone just thought it’d be fun to splash around in bubbles.
  8. the future is coming
    Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Thinks the Real Bubble Is Around Getting a College EducationGetting a college education isn’t cool.
  9. the coming econopocalypse
    Marc ‘Dr. Doom’ Faber Doesn’t Think $1,500 an Ounce Means There’s a Gold Bubble“The whole world would be trading gold 24 hours a day.”
  10. monsters
    Massive Midwestern Poop Bubbles Deflate ‘Like Raisins in the Sun’The massive poop bubbles on an Indiana farm have been popped.
  11. monsters
    Massive Poop Bubbles Threaten MidwestDon’t worry, they can’t come here.
  12. bad taste
    Theme Park Removes Tasteless Dead-Celebrity Halloween ExhibitBows to pressure from fans of recently deceased celebrities, and good taste in general.
  13. photo op
    Bubbles Aren’t Bad for EveryoneThis guy wants you to think about bubbles in the old-fashioned, happy way, for once.