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Budget Deficit

  1. the national interest
    Mulvaney: Trump Not Mentioning Debt Because ‘Nobody Cares’Mulvaney used to care a whole lot.
  2. house democrats
    Democrats Are Fighting About Whether Deficits Matter. That’s Good.For decades, the Democratic Party was united in its reverence for balanced budgets. Now, that (regressive) consensus is dead.
  3. the national interest
    The Deficit Grew Because Trump’s a Republican, Not Because He’s an IdiotDon’t get us wrong, he’s definitely an idiot.
  4. Cynical Balanced Budget Amendment Defeated, Just As GOP PlannedAfter slashing revenues with a tax cut bill, and then increasing spending through an omnibus bill, Republicans claim to favor a balanced budget.
  5. GOP to Push for More Tax Cuts — and a Balanced Budget AmendmentSources say Republicans will follow this act with legislation allowing all Americans to have their cake, and eat it as well.
  6. GOP Deficit Hawkery Dies in the Dark of NightHouse GOP ends its tough talk about spending and deficits in a rush to cut taxes.
  7. House Conservatives Demand That Tax Reform Add to the DeficitThe House Freedom Caucus believes that the debt is a threat to our grandchildren — and in their upcoming tax plan, they insist on growing it.
  8. After Trumpcare, Republicans Will Have to Tackle an Even Bigger MessYes, the health-care debacle has stalled budget and tax bills, but Republicans are nowhere close to agreement on the broad outlines of a fiscal plan.
  9. Trumpcare Would Cost 23 Million Americans Their Health Coverage, Says CBOAnd that’s just part of the bad news the Congressional Budget Office delivered to Republicans about their health-care bill.
  10. GOP Wants House Vote on Zombie Trumpcare Before Its Impact EstimatedThe GOP’s haste and wild maneuverings over a revised AHCA are caused partly by fear of a highly adverse CBO estimate of its impact.
  11. Paul Ryan Tries to Bluff and Fib His Way Through CBO FiascoThe Speaker cherry-picks his way through a catastrophic assessment of his health-care bill.